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About EA Detailer

Over the years, we have been asked who is behind EA Detailer? The last time many remember it was a small auto detailing shop in an inconspicuous corner of Siglap. And the next thing you know we have grew over internationally to 3 countries with outlets in 2 years.

It is not often that we stand out and share the story of our struggles, our defeats and our triumph. EA Detailer is not represented by a group of entrepreneurs as the conventional business will like to put it.


We are a team of heartlander boys whom originate from all over the world. It is not the personal glory we seek, it is the desire to offer value beyond the price that you are paying that matters to us.

The struggle to begin any business is real, the pain to sustain the business is more often intense than words could deliver. But we find pleasure in the obstacles we overcome.

Growing from a small outfit to more than 60 employees spreading across South East Asia; we are accompanied more than the internal resilience – our customers whom believe in us fuel our constant progression.

Our story begins in 2014 and the odyssey continue to get more robust. The story of EA Detailer was never about us. It is neither about the vehicles we are detailing, and have helped many car owners to maintain as a one stop solution point.

It is you. The story of EA Detailer is about our clients.


Mission Statement

We are a Top Notch Auto-Artisan delivering amazing customer experience equating to the premium we are charging.

Every words in the mission statement expresses a very specific connotation.

  • WE: Meaning everyone in EA Detailer; from admin to bay.
  • TOP NOTCH: We use only premium products and equipment; no expenses will be being spared as long it brings value to our customers.
  • AUTO ARTISAN: They are to be the most excellent craftsman in their arts. Well respected and renounced for mastery of skills in all forms of automobile surface restoration. Auto Detailing is more than a science; it is a craft which is easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • AMAZING: It is not enough to make your customer happy, EAD exists to wow them, we are constantly pushing our service boundary to think of way to impress our customer. Do not make them happy, amazed them. This is what we do for a living.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: A Customer Experience is a Customer’s perception of their rational, physical, emotional, subconscious, and psychological interaction with any part of an organization. This perception affects Customer behaviours and builds memories, which drive Customer Loyalty and affects the economic value we generate.
  • PREMIUM: Price is what you pay, Value is what you get. In EAD, we carry out our business believing that all customer should be be treated in a fair and respected manners. We want to deliver an experience which is worth the premium.

We want to put a smile on you...


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