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The Pandemic has Upended Auto Detailing and It Will Never Be The Same

Pickup, delivery or Tabao? It’s a question Singaporean have grown accustomed to answering for food delivery and groceries during the coronavirus pandemic. It also might be something they’re asked when detailing their vehicle. The Covid-19 crisis has upended auto...

The Truth between Ceramic Coating and Glass Coating

The Truth behind Ceramic Coating and Glass Coating

The perfect shine is the Holy Grail of the automotive appearance industry. For over a century, professionals have sought a magical solution ― a bullish, long-lasting shine product that is quick and easy to apply and will repel dirt,...

5 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating

5 Reasons Why Choose Ceramic Coating

As the leading Auto Detailer in Singapore, EA Detailer started an exclusive partnership with Sonax to offer the world’s most powerful ceramic coating. Top 5 reasons why Ceramic Paint Protection Coating is a must have for the discerning automobile...

Glass Coating vs Ceramic Coating: a Showdown Comparison

Glass Coating vs Ceramic Coating: a Showdown Comparison

Getting scratches on your car’s paint job tends to be a day-to-day occurrence, but for some, it’s a very huge concern. Many people fear having their car scratched for good reason. Your car is an expensive purchase and want...

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