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Working with our own in-house research team, we are pushing the boundary of the know-how in the car coating domain. With the launch of CERAZ Ceramic Coating to Self-Healing UNO-X pending; we are never satisfied with what the market has to offer. We understand the importance of quality versus profitability; our product is engineered with the consumers in mind – better, easier and simpler. Your valuable feedback will motivate us to be ahead of the curve and offer products that no one has access to except for EA Detailer’s franchisees.

CarDere InvisGard

CarDere is our proprietary automotive wrapping brand; we are not satisfied with the price point and quality which the market has to offered. So our research team went into fabrication of paint protection film – InvisGard and our every own Vinyl wraps which has more than 80 shades now. Equipped with Tensil® adhesive technology, installation is easier with 30% less wastage.

EAD Accessories

We know how frustrating it can be when the compressor and any equipment has dysfunction. EA Detailer has a full range of hardware to help you mitigate every possible situation; from as small as a detailing brush to spray painting booths. We have positioned ourselves to answer to every of our operations need – at a lower cost.


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