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Discover EA Detailer – Comprehensive Support

Lots of franchisors promise “unequaled support”, “dedicated support” or “unparalleled support”, hopefully some of them might just live up to that task. At EA Detailer, what we deliver is “Comprehensive Support” that starts with your training at EA Academia, and doesn’t end when you leave. We have your back with:

  • Video Marketing Technology
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Text & Email Marketing Services
  • Online Ordering & Mobile Payment
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Proprietary Car Detailing Products
  • Proprietary hardware
  • Fully Integrated Cloud-based POS System
  • Local Support (Area Developer)
  • International Distribution & Purchasing Power
  • Upgraded Equipment for Fast, Quality Production.

We have experienced franchising executives that know the importance of delivering on a promise, and know a happy franchisee is a profitable franchisee. We are not your normal executive whom hide behind the desk and pretend to understand what you are going through.

We are in the first place, business owners ourselves and understand the pains of growing up. We know how difficult some customers can be and we have countless sleepless nights when things go south.

That is why we know how important it is to have good, solid support. We are not only going to be your franchisor, we play many roles : from being your Agony Aunt to your corporate architect. We design multiple dynamic processes to ensure your success; such as our 360˚ Set Up.


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