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Headlights Restoration with Sonax Headlight Coating

Our Headlights Coating does not only improve your vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly it protects your headlight condition and provides safety to the driver and passengers as the ability to project light properly.

The oxidized plastic can reduce up to 80% of light that is shining on the path of route that you are traveling on. With proper coating on your vehicle headlights, it helps to extend the period of time that the headlights will be able to function effectively in projecting lights onto the road that you are traveling on. Our headlight coating will form crosslinks to create a polymer shield to amplify its shine transparency, protecting the headlights from yellowing or blurring quickly.


Sonax Xtreme Rims Coating

Sonax Xtreme Rims Coating’s main purpose is to protect the wheel rims against renewed soiling. Alleviates and simplifies cleaning. Salt, water and dirt just run off in droplets. It helps for easy maintaining the vehicle rims especially for vehicle that has a lot of brake dust. The sheer bond strength of ionic bonding instead of the conventional covalent bonding allows the coating to exude strength, hardness and fracture toughness of – a combination of strength and flexibility.

It comes with 12 months’ warranty; you are entitled to unlimited re-coating within the warranty period if performance fail.


AquaPel Windscreen Coating

Our Windscreen Coating does not only improve your vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly it protects your windscreen condition and provides safety to the driver for a clearer view of the road ahead.

Aquapel is a patented product from the leaders in glass technology – PPG. This product applies to the windshield to dramatically increase visibility in rain day or night. The solution forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike silicone-based products that simply coat glass. It lasts up to 6 times longer than other products. The solution causes the rain to bead up and roll off. Also, snow, ice, and bugs are easy to remove. One application treats one windshield or two side windows.

It comes with 12 months’ warranty; you are entitled to unlimited re-coating within the warranty period if performance fail.


Engine Bay Detailing

Detailing the engine bay can often seem overwhelming and potentially scary but in reality, it’s one of the easiest areas to care for. Many owners fear that they will spoil certain part of the engine with a simple cleaning.

The main benefits are to prevent rust and corrosion within the engine bay. Of course, cosmetic appearance is part of the reason. Generally, the engine bay can be the dirtiest place out of the whole vehicle. Grease and dirt can be found accumulated in the engine bay, especially the rubber hose areas. Over time, the grease and dirt will deteriorate the rubber hose.

EA Detailer used Sonax Engine cold cleaner; it has high reliability in cleaning away any kind of dirt, stains or grime, from the engine bay. Not only the engine bay, but it will also help in removing any kind of oil or grease the engine’s machine and various parts for assembly too. This cleaner has a great power for infiltration – meaning, it can be used in various crevices and small places, and thus can be used to clean very efficiently.

This cleaner is fully free from any kind of solvent, along with free from any kind of phosphate too..


Wheels-off Detailing

The wheels-off detailing is for those who want the hard to reach areas deep cleaned and protected. The suspension components and wheel arches are often the dirtiest parts of the car, so this service ensures these areas are thoroughly cleaned and preventing brake dust build up and contaminants from weathering any parts.

Each wheel is taken off and cleaned; Suspension and all visible, reachable components are cleaned; Wheel arches are deep cleaned; Tar deposits are removed; plastic and trim restorer is applied; Brake callipers are thoroughly cleaned; The suspension, wheel arches and brake callipers are coated and finally Wheels are put back onto the car.


Soft Top Coating

Convertible tops have a short lifespan, and must be replaced every few years. Protecting your fabric soft top is critical to your vehicle’s image by keep them looking new, and help them last longer.

The coating uses an advanced formula provides months of durable protection against liquids, stains, UV solar rays, tree sap, road tar, water spots and much more. Rain water and dirt will not stick to the surface due to the hydrophobic technology which increases the surface tension of the fabric top allowing water to simply slide off before it can stain.

Our Soft Top Coating also contains UV blockers that protect against solar rays to keep any convertible top looking great as UV solar rays will cause the soft top to fade, discolour, and degrade.

Terms and conditions:
1. Promo pricing is strictly via only online purchase.
2. Enhancement services are NOT a stand-alone service; they are available only when purchased together with a main service.
3. Purchase will be valid for 3 months from date of payment.
4. Payment made are non-refundable.
5. Balance payment are to be made over the counter upon completion.

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