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If this franchise opportunity resonates with you, we invite you to contact us by simply filling in the contact form on the right to start exploring this opportunity in greater detail. Competitive as the market is today, auto detailing is no longer just about #glossup the car, it is an experience that the car owners are looking for.

Founded in 2015, EA Detailer has swiftly expanded beyond the shores of Singapore by expanding into Indonesia and Brunei.

Leveraging on our economies of scale, and for as low as only $25,000, you can embark on a journey that delivers excellent ROI. Whether you are currently in the automotive industry or looking for the right partner to have the surest pathway, EA Detailer is the perfect partner for your future endeavours. We experienced growing pains and understand the frustrations that come along in your daily operations.

In 2017, EA Detailer Group has grossed in excess of SGD2,000,000 in sales. Knowing that we are on the right track, we want to share our expertise with interested parties. We have a dedicated team to support you 24/7. Your success is our motivation; join us to #glossup Asia now! We are a turnkey concept and cover all aspects of your operations; touch base with us now!


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