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InvisGard Paint Protection Film - from $5,650

Paint Protection Film – Virtually invisible but a physical material layering over a car body painted surfaces, InvisGard Paint Protection Film improved the aesthetics of your vehicle. It is constructed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as high humidity. Once installed, Paint Protection Film acts as a real 2nd skin protecting your beloved vehicle from scratches, stone chips and other daily drive hazards. This is the latest technology which is engineered to withstand lubricants, oils, UV rays, and the film material itself contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mold growth.

Its topcoat is also scratch resistant, and its unique self-healing properties can re-converge the surface; should it receive any scratches, through environmental heat (e.g. sunlight or engine temperature) or warm water, it will self-heal and restore its original gloss.

  • Wheels cleaned with Sonax Rims cleaner and various brushes.
  • Wheel iron deposits and staining removed with Sonax Tar Remover.
  • Wheel tar deposits safely removed
  • Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.
  • Rinse.
  • Painted surfaces decontaminated with Sonax Iron Fall out
  • Application of Sonax Active Foam Shampoo to the whole vehicle.
  • Whole vehicle clayed to remove remaining bonded surface contamination.
  • Rinse.
  • Thorough pressure rinse.
  • Rinse.
  • Engine compartment will be treated using Sonax Engine Cleaner
  • Under carriage wash using Sonax Multi-Star
  • Vehicle given a final rinse, then towel and blow dried
  • Paintwork inspection carried out using various lighting sources.
  • Paintwork assessment carried out using a paint depth gauge.
  • Edges, badges, number plates and delicate trim masked
  • Multiple cutting stages carried out to remove as many defects as safely possible.
  • Multiple refining stages to remove any machine marring also increase clarity and gloss.
  • Head and tail lights enhanced
  • Exterior Chrome enhanced
  • Paintwork degreased to remove polishing oils to show true finish

• Invisgard applied to all selected surfaces
• Single coat of Sonax Tire Gloss applied to wheel faces.
• Tyres and plastic wheel arches dressed.
• Durable trim dressing applied to all black plastic trim
• AquaPel windscreen coating applied to front windscreen
• Sonax Rim Coating applied to all rims

  • Final wipe with detailing spray ready for collection.
  • Standard Vacuum
  • Standard Interior Cabin Wipe down
  • 55 points inspection check

Here at EA Detailer, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of premium products, Offering the quality and protection you’ve come to expect from EA Detailer, our InvisGloss films have been specifically formulated for peak performance in tropical weather.

InvisGloss features even higher gloss, water repellence, and anti-corrosion factors to effectively combat against the harsh environmental conditions of tropical climate. InvisGloss also boasts a mirror-smooth finish resistant to water spots, maintaining both top-notch protection and style.


At EA Detailer, innovation knows no bounds—and with InvisSatin, we’ve extended the frontiers of both protection and style. Within its ultramodern matte finish, our premium paint protection film offers powerful protection against the major types of contamination and damage. Applicable to all body paint colors, InvisSatin transforms the look and feel of your ride, turning heads for years to come.

It is the ideal choice for an alternate look without damaging your original paintwork as it provides 400% more protection than factory clear-coat and a superior finish. Its unique Tri-Tone Adaptive technology allows a transition between matte, satin and translucent appearances at different angles!


On top of its striking metal-flake finish, InvisGlitter boasts one of the highest gloss values in our PPF product line. Its stunningly unique coloration ranges from deep blues to brilliant violets, constantly changing according to angle and lighting—resulting in a better-than-custom look. Coupled with super self-healing properties and a high resistance to environmental damage, InvisGlitter is a dynamic film to suit both your protective and stylistic needs.

It adds a glittery finish to your beloved vehicle’s aesthetics. Aside from the protection your vehicle will be encapsulated in; InvisGlitter also preserve your original factory paint and offer an visually-kaleidoscope metallic finish. Once applied, this PPF film will transform your car into a multi-spectrum sensation.


On the cutting edge of paint protection, InvisCarbonMatte is a woven Carbon Fiber styled film with an unparalleled top-coat shared by our entire InvisGard line of films. InvisCarbonMatte allows you to change and protect the aesthetics of any vehicle with color matching carbon fiber styled Paint Protection Film. Perfect for hoods, roofs, spoilers and accent pieces that need world class protection with a unique twist


The crystal-clear gloss finish of InvisBlackGloss transforms any color into a lustrous black, resulting in an unmistakable shine.

Due to its specially designed top coating, InvisBlackGloss offers significantly greater contaminant resistance compared to conventional PPFs. Our top coating acts as a barrier against water spots, insects, bird droppings, road oils, reduced surface gloss, and yellowing caused by exhaust smoke and pollution. Its excellent shock-proofing qualities also protect against chipping, scratches, and car wash brushes, while scratches disappear in an instant thanks to InvisBlackGloss’s self-healing properties.

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