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Engine Bay Detailing

We all know that engine bay detailing can often seem ovewhelming and potentially scary but in reality, it’s one of the easiest areas to care for. Many owners fear that they will spoil certain part of the engine with a simple cleaning.

The main benefits is to prevent rust and corrosion within the engine bay. Of course, cosmetic appearance is part of the reason.

Generally the engine bay can be the dirtiest place out of the whole vehicle. Grease and dirt can be found accumulated in the engine bay, especially the rubber hose areas. Over time, the grease and dirt will deteriorate the rubber hose.

When you have a clean engine bay, it is much easier to get a proper diagnosis because we can see small leaks before they get out of hand. Fixing a problem while it’s small can keep repairs prices lower by preventing extensive damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Duration: 1 hour


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