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Pet Hair Removal

Pets can leave a veritable carpet of hair on your car upholstery.

Vacuuming all loose surface hair from the seats and other parts of the interior cabin. There is bound to have static hold between the pet hair and fabric interior especially the floorboard. We will be using a damp cloth or dryer sheet, or a spray of equal parts liquid fabric softener and water in order to allow the hair to come free more easily. Wipe the seats down or spray them and let dry. Use the lint brush or a stiff-bristled brush on the seat to loosen and remove the stuck hair.

The best method to minimised your pet hair dropping in your vehicle is to brush your dog regularly to remove as much dead, loose hair as possible. This will lessen the amount of shed hair you find elsewhere. Some dog hair may transfer from you to your car’s seats, so check your outfit for hitchhiking pet hair before you get in your car. While you love your pet dogs because they are adorable. Leave the frustration pet hair removal work to us!


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