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PPF / Coating Conservation Program

Our PPF / Coating Conservation Program is catered as a maintenance program for vehicles that have been treated and gone through a paint protection system service. The purpose is due to dirt and dust particles will accumulate and settle onto the exterior body painted surface which may gradually affect the properties of the paint protection system.

It is recommended to remove such impurities, smoothen the coated surface again. A check and touch up process will also be carried out on the necessary panels and areas.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours


This service is a maintenance service for vehicles treated with Paint Protection Coating. Over time our vehicle exterior body will have accumulation of dirt and dust particles. These particles will settle onto the exterior paintwork which may gradually affect the protected areas. Through such recommended maintenance sessions, we will assist to remove such above mentioned impurities, smoothen the surface and touch up the protective areas on selective panels/areas where necessary.



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