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4-Stage Interior

Our 4 Stage Steam Purification covers another level of thorough cleaning service for your vehicle interior. It helps in total restoration and full interior detailing. Using propriety steaming technology, we break down the grime and dirt in the cabin that is built up over the years.

This process softens and dissolve the grime upon contact with 125 – 140°C; enough to de-grimed the dirt but safe enough for all leathers. The expanded pores of the surfaces ready for our non-greasy leather conditioner to fill up and restore the supple feel of the original

(This treatment is recommended at least 1 to 2 times a year.)

Duration: up to 6 hours



what will be done

Bio-fumigation (Anti Pest)
Sanitization (Anti-Viral)
Hydro Extraction (Anti-Dust)
Steam Vaporization (Anti-Bacteria)
Ozonic Treatment (Anti-Mold)
UPGRADED Step! - Anti-Viral (Anti-Sars-Corona)
Tornado Gun Cleaning
Cushion Cleaning
Drill Brush Detailing
Air-Con Refresh
Advance Vacuuming
Advance Cabin Detailing
Plastic Conditioning
Leather Conditioning
Terms & Conditions

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