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5-Stage Interior

Our 5-stage interior is the gold standard for interior cabin cleaning and sanitization service. The 2nd most comprehensive car interior sanitization treatment you can choose within our service menu. A total of 14 steps to achieve the pinnacle of cabin sanitisation where no effort is spared to return your cabin to its former glory. Also effective against Covid-19 virus as upkeeping and preventive measures.

(This treatment is recommended at least 1 to 2 times a year.)

Duration: Up to 6 hours

This process is our most intensive cleaning treatment, aiming to be an all-around solution to your cabin woes. Inclusive all of the above and add-on Hot Water Extraction, Drill Brush Detailing etc which remove the most stubborn remnants which has been around for years. This Interior treatment is effective for all interior material such as fabric, alcantara and leather.



what will be done

Bio-fumigation (Anti Pest)
Sanitization (Anti-Viral)
Hydro Extraction (Anti-Dust)
Steam Vaporization (Anti-Bacteria)
Ozonic Treatment (Anti-Mold)
UPGRADED Step! - Anti-Viral (Anti-Sars-Corona)
Tornado Gun Cleaning
Cushion Cleaning
Drill Brush Detailing
Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
Air-Con Refresh
Advance Vacuuming
Advance Cabin Detailing
Plastic Conditioning
Leather Conditioning
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