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5-Stage Interior

Our 5-stage interior is the gold standard for interior cabin cleaning and sanitization service. The 2nd most comprehensive car interior sanitization treatment you can choose within our service menu. A total of 14 steps to achieve the pinnacle of cabin sanitisation where no effort is spared to return your cabin to its former glory. Also effective against Covid-19 virus as upkeeping and preventive measures.

(This treatment is recommended at least 1 to 2 times a year.)

Duration: Up to 6 hours



what will be done

Bio-fumigation (Anti Pest)
Sanitization (Anti-Viral)
Hydro Extraction (Anti-Dust)
Steam Vaporization (Anti-Bacteria)
Ozonic Treatment (Anti-Mold)
UPGRADED Step! - Anti-Viral (Anti-Sars-Corona)
Tornado Gun Cleaning
Cushion Cleaning
Drill Brush Detailing
Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
Air-Con Refresh
Advance Vacuuming
Advance Cabin Detailing
Plastic Conditioning
Leather Conditioning
Terms & Conditions

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