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Erstotizer Self Disinfecting Coating

The ERSTOTIZER has been tested to be active against: The TGEV-Coronavirus – model for SARS-CoV and Influenza A. This Disinfecting Coating can prevent cross contamination on high tough points in the various activity areas protecting the children from cross contamination infections. To help maintain virus-free, clean and ensure ultimate safety during every trip, we have packaged an effective solution for our customers to install in their vehicles as an effective preventive measure in reducing the spread of infection through air and touch.

A longer-term Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus Clear Surface Coating – lasting to 24 months**; tested against TGEV Corona Virus (Covid-19). The Erstotizer is part of our latest car interior coating service, which could be coated on:

  1. For all car interior, consisting of different smooth hard surfaces – seats, steering wheel, gear shifts, headrest, back rest, arm rest, sides of interior, door handles (interior & exterior), dashboards etc.
  2. For various types of absorbent surfaces – if the car has curtains or fabric seats or fabric portion  of the sides of the interior.

This is a long term clear surface coating.  It drastically reduce viruses, bacteria and microbes on the surfaces that has been coated with it. Erstotizer from Germany have proven effective in the management of infectious diseases through unique manufacturing processes allowing these water-based products to drastically and safely reduce infection via aerosol transmission and human-to-human cross contamination. Being water-based instead of solvent-based, they are extremely safe and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Even exposure to food and drinks is safe.



what will be done

ATP (Hygiene Level) Testing
Anti-Viral (Anti-SARS-CoV)
Cushion Cleaning
Advance Vacuuming
Advance Cabin Detailing
Plastic Panels Cleanse & Wash
Leather Cleanse & Wash
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