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ClarityCoat Sprayable Paint Protection

The most superior paint protection till date – A spray-on; peelable paint protection, having all the benefits of paint protection film but none of the short comings. ClarityCoat works exactly like spray painting but you can peel it off anytime; if you like to have a tinge of adventure, you can choose the colors you like too. Based in USA and spread across 14 countries and still growing, ClarityCoat is the apparent market leader in spray-on Paint Protection Film.

Extremely resistance and with a thickness of 200micron, it provide unparalleled protection against scratches, stone chips and any other environmental hazards. It has hydrophobicity infused components and you never have to worried about ceramic coating again. Self healing against minor scratches and most importantly, it can be sanded and polished. Unlike traditional paint protection film which will yellow and peel off at the edges, ClarityCoat has an apparent superiority over this.

EA Detailer is in technical partnership with ClarityCoat and every installation is backed up by a 5 years warranty.

Check with us what the warranty covers and how Claritycoat Protector Program can help you.

Extreme ease of maintenance. Creates a physical material-ish layer on the surface of your car body paintwork. Works almost exactly like Paint Protection Film but even better!

  • Over 200 Microns of Protection
  • No hidden knife cuts
  • No edges or lines
  • Won’t yellow
  • Leaves no residue behind after removal
  • Can be sanded and polished to any finish
  • Lets you choose any colour available



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