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Labocosmetica BIKE #BLINDOPlus Coating

The life of a bicycle is tough; it needs #Blindo

Regardless of what time of the year it may be, or what the weather may be doing, cycling enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the chance to head out for a quick spin. To hell with the fact that it’s nearly 40°C, and that straight-line winds strong enough to send Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows aflutter are ripping through town. Precipitation is nowhere to be seen, and the open road is calling.

But Earth’s elements aren’t the only thing bringing forth great danger. The highways and byways we traverse every day offer peril as well, and we’re not just talking about reckless drivers and potholes of impending doom. Bike safety goes well beyond keeping a cool head while behind the handlebars, or slapping a helmet atop your skull. It also extends to the machines we own.

For millions of bikers, protecting the longevity of the piece of machinery that they pilot is just as important as their own personal safety. In recent years, a record number of bike owners have begun turning toward nano ceramic coatings, a product that offers unrivaled paint and surface protection.

Labocosmetica BIKE #BLINDOPlus Coating is a paint protection coating specifically developed for the bicycle industry. The coating layer protects your bicycle from the elements, is extreme hydrophobic, scratch resilient. It will be the perfect match for all types and models, glossy, or matte. The coating system is much harder than your paint job/clear-coat. Therefore, maintaining that “brand new” look for years to come.

Rock hard, like Ron Jeremy in the 1970s, Labocosmetica Bike #BlindoPlus Coating offer unrivaled protection against UV rays, road grime, superficial scratches, minor impacts, chemicals, heat, swirl marks, bird shit, tree sap, both acid and plastic rain, pollen, snot rockets, dirt, mineral-rich water, graffiti, and more. It also has the ability to displace water in rapid fashion, thanks to harnessing hydrophobic property, which forces liquid to roll off faster than a lanky kid on a big wheel.



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