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Sonax CC Evo Ceramic Coating

Just as we thought we could not get any better with Sonax CC Evo Ceramic Coating; Sonax launches its 3rd generation Ceramic Coating – Sonax CC Evo Ceramic Coating! The ceramic long term sealing of paintwork. Encapsulated in two sealing products, Basecoat Evo and Gloss coat Evo. Paintwork with a CC Evo coating possesses features such as perceptibly improved hydrophobia (beading of water), increased chemical resistance and improved UV resistance. With that the coating protects against harmful biological influences like insect dirt, bird droppings and tree sap stains.

A very important function that a CC Evo ceramic coating, it provides the paintwork against renewed soiling and a certain self-cleaning effect. The ultimate impression of optical perfection that a deep coloured, high gloss paintwork.

Sonax CC Evo Ceramic Coating is warranted for 36 months.

Protecting the gloss and shine of your vehicle body paintwork. This helps to refresh as like a new layer of paint for a more refreshing appearance on your vehicle paintwork. For vehicles treated with Paint Protection Coating, it is necessary for an annual recoat [ 3-Stage Exterior ] to maintain its performance.




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