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EA-zy Magnetron Sputter

EA-zy Magnetron Sputter film are the state of the art solar control films that gives consumers the best of everything window films have to offer. Combining excellent heat rejection capabilities, beautiful aesthetics, fast drying time and ease of installation, it is the dream window films for most consumers will like.

EA-zy Magnetron Sputter film are constructed uniformly deposit various metal alloys onto a layer of high clarity polyester film in a large vacuum chamber of sputtering machine.

This forms a layer of highly durable sputter coating that is excellent in heat rejection and low in reflectivity. Aluminium, silver, nickel, titanium, chrome, stainless steel, copper and other alloy are used during manufacturing of EA-zy Magnetron Titanium metallized film. These metals provide good heat rejection and are very stable by nature. This helps to eliminate the possibility of metal oxidation within the film.



Key Features

Magnetron Sputtering Technology
Series Features - 99.9% Pure Silver Multi-Layer
Series Features - Color Stability
Series Features - Solar Control Performance
Series Features - Clarity
Series Features - Magnetron Sputter Performance
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