a sprayable paint protection film that marries the pinnacle of vehicular safeguarding with the finesse of luxury automotive finishes. This innovative solution presents vehicle connoisseurs the ultimate indulgence – unparalleled defense against the ravages of the road, cloaked in the splendor of premium paint. With ClarityCoat™, discerning owners are bestowed with the liberty to select any hue, transforming their automobile into a bespoke masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, both in protection and in palette.

A New Era of
Paint Protection

ClarityCoat™ is at the forefront of transforming vehicle paint protection. Born from years of meticulous development, our product stands as a testament to enduring quality, offering a finish that even the most fastidious owners will admire for years to come.

ClarityCoat™ empowers you to apply paint to any ‘non-porous’ surface, including the notoriously challenging Chrome, eliminating the hassle of choosing the right substrate to paint first. Prepare to redefine the aesthetics of your vehicle with unparalleled ease and precision.”

Flawless Finish

ClarityCoat™ addresses the challenges commonly faced with traditional paint protection methods and vinyl wraps, offering a superior alternative.

Seeking flawless protection? ClarityCoat™ provides an impressive 200 to 350 microns of seamless coverage, ensuring your vehicle remains safeguarded.

Concerned about unsightly blemishes or lines? ClarityCoat™ ensures a pristine finish, free from any residue or demarcation lines, offering a uniformly smooth appearance. Encounter a stain on your bonnet? ClarityCoat™ supports sanding and paint correction like conventional paintwork, allowing for easy maintenance and care.

Moreover, despite its robust protection, ClarityCoat™ remains effortlessly peelable, catering to those who value flexibility alongside uncompromising quality.

Infinite Possibilities

ClarityCoat™ stands unparalleled as the globe’s singular paint protection solution where the potential is boundless.

Offering total safeguarding and a flawless finish, it comes in options of Clear, Satin, and a spectrum of colors, all while being entirely removable. The only boundary is the scope of the owner’s creativity.


ClarityCoat provides a broad range of corrective capabilities, including sanding, which meticulously smooths the surface to ensure the final appearance is flawlessly smooth, free of any underlying imperfections.


Contrary to popular belief, Peelable Paint can indeed be polished. Although it’s a ‘removable’ product, many assume it lacks versatility. Polishing can significantly improve its look by eliminating watermarks and scratches.

High Resistance to stone chips and scratches

Engineered for high resistance to stone chips and scratches, ClarityCoat™ shields your car’s finish with unparalleled durability, ensuring it stands steadfast against the everyday onslaught of the road

Self-Healing Top Coat

ClarityCoat™ is designed to absorb and dissipate minor abrasions, restoring its flawless finish with the gentle warmth of the sun or the caress of your garage’s heat. Your vehicle’s exterior remains as pristine as the day it was coated, a testament to enduring beauty and intelligent care.


ClarityCoat™ redefines the essence of movement, casting a protective sheen that goes beyond mere automobiles to grace every vessel that dances with the pulse of adventure. It’s a celebration of motion, unfurling a canvas of protection that is as arresting to the gaze as it is impervious to the elements. On the open road, along the untamed trails, and across the whispering waves, ClarityCoat™ adorns your journey with a touch of the sublime, inspiring every voyage with indomitable style and grace.

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