Terms & Condition of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale

The client is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions. EA Detailer shall be referred to “EAD” in the terms and conditions below.

1. Goods & Service Policy

EAD is fully committed to deliver consistent quality products and services, meeting contractual requirements and clients’ satisfaction in cost and service of work.

2. Terms & Conditions of Sales
2.1    Bookings & Payments
2.1.1 Deposits for Service Packages
A booking of service contract is made only when upon payment of the deposit amount of at least 50% of service package. The deposit forms part of the final payment. Balance payment is to be paid to EAD upon completion of 1st treatment.
2.1.2 Transfer of Service Packages
Transfer of service package under an individual who is an existing customer to another individual must be made in writing and received by EAD. There will not be any administration fee for a  transfer request within 3 working days from date of purchase of service package. Otherwise, an administration fee of $300 will be imposed.
2.1.3 Cancellation of Service Packages
Cancellation of bookings & service packages from customers must be made in writing and received by EAD. Deposits shall be refunded in full should the transaction be cancelled within 3 working days from date of purchase of service package. Otherwise, there shall be no full refund of the deposit paid.
2.1.4 Then the client shall have the option to
(a) replace the package with an equivalent value and the deposit shall be used as deposit for the new package, or
(b) collect the products (if any) prepared and intended for use in the initial treatment of the service package purchased. The cancellation fee stated below shall apply:


Period of cancellation notice(from date of purchase) Cancellation fee chargeable Refund
03 working days or less.(Service Package has not commenced) NIL Full Refund
03 working days or less.(Service Package has commenced) NIL Deposit (less consumed services at full ala carte rate) shall the refunded.
04 working days or more(Service Package has not commenced) 25% administration fee will be levied Deposit (after less 25% of admin fee) shall be refunded should the transaction be cancelled after 3 working days from date of purchase of service package
04 working days or more(Service Package has commenced) 50% of the un-utilized portion of the full package (of multiple sessions) shall be imposed to cover cancellation and administration costs Deposit (after less 50% of admin fee & consumed services) shall be refunded should the transaction be cancelled after 5 working days from date of purchase of service package

3. Exchange and Refund Policy
3.1 Product Returns and Exchange Procedures:
(a) All requests to be emailed to [email protected]
(b) Customer must fill up in “APPLICATION FOR REFUND” stating the reason/purpose of the refund request (attach supporting documents will be recommended) and emailed back to [email protected] within 3 days
(c) Purchased products intended for return or exchange must be in their original packaging un-opened (un-used) accompanied by the Returns and Exchange Form.
(d) Requests for Returns and Exchanges must be made within 3 working days after purchase. Otherwise, there shall be no refund and/or exchange.
3.2 Exchanges
EAD accepts returns for any un-opened and un-used products or un-rendered services and will make an exchange of products of a similar value immediately upon receipt of the goods within 3 working days from the purchase date.
3.3 Refund Time Frame
We seek all customers to understand that we take all refunds seriously and see a refund request as a lapse of service. We thank you for your patience while we are investigating and the below timeframe is an arbitrary estimation for our response.
Average time to respond to an enquiry: 7 working days
Average time to resolve an enquiry: 14 working days
Average time to process a refund: Up to 2 months
3.4 Refund for payment made by credit cards
For payment made by credit cards, all refunds once approved by the company will be made through the credit card approximately 2 months. Refund via AMEX Credit Card and/or Diners Credit Card carries a bank admin fee of 4% is chargeable, and shall be borne by the customer.

4. Warranties and Service Guarantees
4.1 We warranty our services accordingly to the plan Customers signed up. At the end of every treatment, Customers endorse satisfaction with the treatments performed.
4.2 EAD will make all efforts to ensure that the client’s expectations are met. However, for best results, the client must be committed to complete the entire recommended course. Clients shall be made aware that results vary from individual vehicles.
4.3 As part of the service guarantees, EAD accords a cooling-off period of 3 days from date of purchase to allow customers to seek full refund if they do not wish to proceed with the service packages offered, or wish to return the unopened products.
4.4 To demonstrate our commitment to our valued customers, EAD has in in process to apply for a Prepayment Warranty Insurance Plan to insure our customers who purchase pre-paid packages. The purpose of this insurance plan is to compensate customer in cash/cheque in the event of insolvency, compulsory liquidation or bankruptcy. A temporary copy of the Insurance coverage (Valid for 30 days) will be emailed to the customer once our policy is incepted.
4.5 We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of products or services purchased through us, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like).

5. EAD Prepayment Packages
5.1 The following terms and conditions shall apply to EAD Prepayment Packages; Services that can be deducted from EAD Promotional Package based on Ala-Carte Prices
(a) 3-Stage Exterior (first known as 3-Stage Exterior Glow)
(b) 2-Stage Interior (first known as 3-Stage Interior Cabin Sanitisation and 3-Stage Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment)
(c) 3-Stage Interior (first known as 3.5-Stage Interior Hydro Extraction)
(d) 4-Stage Interior (first known as 4-Stage Interior Steam Purification)
(d) 5-Stage Interior (first known as 5-Stage Interior Hot Water Extraction)
5.2 Following items cannot be deducted unless specifically stated from EAD Promotional Packages:
(a) All Product purchases
(b) All Promotion and/or Service items
(c) All Paint Protection Services
(d) All Enhancement Services
5.3 All services are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase; unless otherwise stated on the purchased invoice. Customers whom wish to extend the package for another 3 years would have to top-up the difference in entirety for the value they have purchased then and current price.
5.4 Customers are not compelled to purchase any treatment products. Customers should consider their own needs and decide accordingly.
5.5  Customers shall check that the purchase of the itemised service type shown on the invoice receipt tally with the purchase made before leaving.
5.6  For cancellation of promotional packages, see item 2.1.2
5.7  The Company reserves the right to substitute the Gift with another item of equivalent values without prior notice.
5.8  Customers are required to inform the Company one (1) day in advance of any change in their appointment schedule. Weekend bookings are chock-a-block, so any cancellation short of one (1) day notice will be charged a 50% (of treatment value at EAD a-la-carte rate) of cancellation fee or a session to be deducted from your package (of multiple sessions).
5.9  “NO SHOW” (during weekends) with no prior notice given will incur full charges (of treatment value at EAD a-la-carte rate) of cancellation fee or a minimum of two (2) sessions to be deducted from your package (of multiple sessions).
5.10  EAD reserves the right to assign any suitable staff to service our customers.
5.11  EAD accept customer’s declaration of condition of their vehicles to be true at the point of servicing. We will not be held responsible for unforeseen damage to a treatment caused by Customer’s withholding of information with regards to the above-mentioned conditions that led to the inaccurate assessment and recommendation of treatments.

6. Redemption of sales voucher
6.1  Customers are advised to take note of discounted prices for selected service packages (in the form of acceptance of sales vouchers) printed in service brochures/listed on website/online promotions.
6.2  Sales vouchers are only valid during validity period of the promotion/sales vouchers printed on the voucher/communication materials
6.3  Customers must present sales voucher prior to signing the sales contract; otherwise EAD reserve the rights to reject the promotion.

7. Sales Tactics
7.1  Representative of EAD shall not engage in any unethical sales tactics to mislead customers/or to pressure sell products to customers during treatments.
7.2  Customers are encouraged to report any unethical incidents to the Manager/Supervisor/Head Quarter immediately. Customer may feedback any incidents to us via [email protected]

8. Pricing & Payment
8.1  Payment
8.1.1 The client shall pay the exact amount of the service and product charges (including deposits, if any as specified in the Invoice overleaf).
8.1.2 Payments are collected in Singapore Dollars. Types of payment accepted include cash, NETS, debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer and cheques. Cash payment is not encouraged. VISA/Master Card Stickers are prominently displayed in all outlets/ point of sale.
8.1.3 Receipts will be issued to acknowledge deposits/down payments and all payments.
8.1.4 EAD is committed to avoid over or under-charging, and to ensure correct change is given, customer is advised to verify the following prior to signing sales contract.
8.1.5 Price tags on products / Price for service packages as indicated on Tax Invoice
8.1.6 Prices quoted reflects the total amount payable is NETT pricing.
8.1.7 Promotional Prices are clearly displayed in promotional service brochures and our websites
8.1.8 Additional Charges for extra services are clearly stated.
8.1.9 All prices quoted for treatments and packages are inclusive of taxes, and any other surcharges (if any). All items and services are listed clearly in each service package, reflected in communication materials to customers.
8.1.10 EAD reserve the right to adjust the prices quoted at the time of booking for treatments and packages and other related services without prior notice.

9. Complaints & Claims
9.1 Any complaints or claims shall be submitted in writing within 3 days from the date of consumption of service, for our investigation. No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaints and/or claims not made.
9.2 Customers will fully indemnify and hold harmless EAD and its holding company(ies), affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, agents, staff and suppliers, from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees (on an indemnity basis), arising out of or about car detailing treatments, services and/or facilities.
9.3 Upon a report of any adverse condition being received, EAD shall at the same time be offered the opportunity to refer the customer to relevant assessor of EAD’s choice within 7 working days for an examination report to be made. The client shall also give to EAD a copy of any report he has earlier obtained.
9.4 Should EAD be unable to resolve any issues, CASE Mediation Centre will be referred to as an alternative form of redress available to customers.

10. Confidentiality of Information
10.1 Customers’ data are collected solely for completing transactions and providing service and will not be used for any other purposes.
10.2 Permission shall be obtained from the customers should their personal data be required for purposes other than internal marketing and billing.
10.3 In the event of any relocation of outlet, existing customers of the relocated outlet will be automatically transferred to another outlet of the provided options.

11. Variation of Conditions
11.1 These terms and conditions shall not be amended or varied except by written agreement between the client and EAD.
11.2 EAD reserves the right to offer a different location/date for the customers to be served. And in no way, we will be liable for any refunds in the event customers rejected the offer of relocation/change of date. While this arrangement will be avoided as much as we could; due to unforeseen operational issues; we reserve the right to arrange a different location/ change of date for the service to be carried out.