ClarityCoat Warranty

Important Notice: EA Detailer Pte Ltd MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. User is responsible for determining whether the ClarityCoat is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application.

Limitation of Remedies and Liability: If ClarityCoat is proved to be defective. THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY, AT EA Detailer’s OPTION, SHALL BE TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE OR REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. EA Detailer shall not otherwise be liable for loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including, but not limited to, contract, negligence, warranty, or strict liability.

Dealer Applicator Warranties: EA Detailer Pte Ltd’s ClarityCoat are offered extended warranties on our own, covering the value of the application performed. We are responsible for the costs of any extra warranties or remedies beyond those described herein.

Care and Maintenance: For maximum performance of ClarityCoat, it is recommended that frequent washings and care consistent with EAD’s recommendations for surfaces be used. A regular application of EAD range of services will help retain the lustre and performance of the ClarityCoat.

Claritycoat Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Warranty Period

1.1 Warranty period commences on the day when products are applied and is only applicable to original non-processed panels. Warranty period’s duration depends on climate class and kind of treatment. This warranty is only valid if products have a EA Detailer-applied ClarityCoat. During the warranty period, which commences on the first delivery date of any treated goods subject to the warranty, these products shall provide adequate protection against substrate pollution caused by external non-mechanical influences. Any warranty period shall not be extended or renewed because of repairs and/or any restoration works.

  1. Warranty

2.1 ClarityCoat is explicitly warranted in case of any damage resulting from:

a. De-bonding within 60 months

b. Flaking

c. blistering and cracks;

d. corrosion with a rust degree higher than Re3 according to EN ISO 4628-3;

No ClarityCoat ClarityCoat shall degrade harmfully, nor shall it discolour or turn white obnoxiously, in compliance with the manufacture’s specifications.

2.2 Warranty conditions: Warranty only applies if it has been formally issued by EA Detailer. EA Detailer shall not issue any or a limited warranty if products are fitted at the customer’s or their authorised representative’s explicit request but against EA Detailer’s advice.

ClarityCoat defects which constitute less than 1 panel of the total project surface or which cannot be seen with the naked eye from a distance of at least 5 metres outside, shall be considered normal wear and tear and are therefore excluded from this warranty.

Warranty is void if:

2.2.1. Customer has not fully paid their purchase;

2.2.2 EA Detailer have not received any reports and/or written notification concerning any damage claims within one week after delivery;

2.2.3 products have not been maintained according to the advised method (see 5.2);

2.2.4 ClarityCoat systems from another supplier than EA Detailer have been applied; complete or partial replacement has taken place with products not supplied by EA Detailer.

2.3 Warranty exclusions Is excluded from any warranty, any damage caused by: Any damage caused or applied by insured party either intentionally, knowingly or by gross negligence, even if such damage was caused with their complicity by transport damage and any ClarityCoat damage caused by assembly work.

a. Damages caused by: war, civil war, acts of terrorism or sabotage, revolts, riots, public riots, strikes, lock-outs, requisition, embargos, epidemics, accidents and any similar facts; volcanic eruption, earthquake, flood, tidal wave and every other natural disaster of catastrophic nature; direct or indirect consequences of explosions, heat developments of more than 100 ° C, radiation, atomic nucleus, radioactivity, ion radiation, toxic, explosive or dangerous nuclear fuel or waste; molest or other unforeseen circumstances.

b. Damages due to non-compliance with the rules on which the approval of the warranted products, profiles or materials was based.

c. Damages caused by fundamental changes to the warranted products, profiles or materials.

d. Damages caused by explicitly stated professional misconduct by insured party, more specifically non-compliance with laws, rules or practices which regulate the sectors of the insured party.

e. Any damages to the ClarityCoat due to: abnormal use, normal wear and tear and ageing; distortions, bending, extending, torsion and/or evolutions of the support surface; shocks or bumps of a mechanical origin; important and serious thermal shocks or bumps; ejections and fumes from chemicals, except when homologated by an expert; any support surface or substrate which was not pre-treated in accordance with the specifications stated by insured party; an abnormal movement or subsidence of the construction work; increasing humidity, coming from foundations or extensions; water infiltrations along uncoated surfaces; structural defects of the treated surfaces; thermal shocks and/or prolonged exposure to temperatures between -20 °C and 50 °C; defects caused by mechanical damage, mechanical shocks, important thermal shocks, friction of blunt objects, splashes and fumes from chemicals and metal dust.

This guarantee on the other hand could be the subject of specific exclusions in the expert’s reports.

2.4 All damages to the ClarityCoat which was directly exposed to a seriously corrosive or aggressive environment, such as direct pollution or deterioration by factory smoke or chemicals. Experts shall judge jointly in such a case. In case of disagreement, the expert’s opinion shall decide.

2.5 Damages due to one or more galvanic couples (several types of metal).

2.6 Damages caused by contact with liquids or materials which the ClarityCoat is not chemically resistant against.

2.7 Non-justifiable delays in the execution of repairs or any preventive adjustments which were decided upon because of inspections, checks or tests.

2.8 All damages caused by the provisos raised by expert or customer(s) at the moment of hand-over of projects/works, subject to those provisos not having been lifted.

2.9 All damages caused by careless cleaning of treated surfaces with for example products which should not be used in the first place

2.10 Late notification of damages; i.e. no written complaint from the purchaser within 7 working days after receipt.

2.11 All damages caused by a continuous or abnormal immersion in aqueous solutions (retention). Defects because of standing water, permanent or changing loads because of moisture or condensation.

2.12 All damages caused by applying products that no longer meet the set quality requirements from the supplier. (including use of ClarityCoat products outside the determined periods).

2.13 Total or partial replacement of treated materials, structures or profiles (substrates) or parts thereof.

2.14 Defects of any kind and size, resulting from repairs.

2.15 External factors of which the occurrence could not be foreseen when technical advice or specifications list was provided. This also includes the incorrect stress grade specification (climate class).

2.16 Actions by third parties.

2.17 Moss or crusting, grass or plants which are growing too close to it, contact with unforeseen waste.

2.18 Defects caused by places where the ClarityCoat’s curing curve can barely be realised because the location has too big a heat content (surface in relation to content).

In the event of late notification, all defects caused by the inability to timely adjust and/or repair them, shall not be covered by this warranty.

  1. Inspection

3.1 All products must be inspected by warranty holder at least once every 12 months and any necessary paperwork must be provided as proof.


  1. Maintenance

4.1 In woodlands, ClarityCoat can get polluted because of algae growth for example, but also because of iron and/or copper particles attaching themselves to the ClarityCoat. In coastal areas, up to approx. 25 km inland, it is mainly chlorides (salt particles) which affect ClarityCoat and in urban and industrial areas, it is the acidic environment which pollutes ClarityCoat daily. In addition to these specific forms of pollution, particulate matter also rains down daily in all nooks and crannies where it gets attached to all ClarityCoat.

4.2 For coated products to be taken proper care of, they must be serviced at least once a year (up to C3) and in more polluting environments (C3, C4) more often (at least twice a year) in compliance with following guidelines. Please refer to table below:



C2              LOW                MINIMUM ONE CLEANING EVERY 9 MONTHS


C4              HIGH               MINIMUM ONE CLEANING EVERY 3 MONTHS


4.3 Any cleaning frequency is largely determined by the degree of pollution, the nature and degree of importance and by visual aspects.

4.4 It is the task and responsibility for warranty holder to advise the most efficient method per situation. Usually, following standard cleaning process is sufficient:

a. all products which require cleaning must be cold (max 25 °C). remove all coarse dirt by spraying clean tap water. Do not use high pressure washers.

b. spray/mist with neutral or weak alkaline cleaning products, not acid ones, and leave them to soak. No cleaning products must ever affect any ClarityCoat nor any adjacent materials. Do not use any organic solvents containing esters, ketones, alcohol, glycol ether or halogenated hydrocarbon etc.

c. Do not use bleach, or any other aggressive products like laundry or washing-up detergents. Do not use any cleaning products of an unknown origin. Use pH-neutral cleaning products which are also environmentally friendly (glass, rubbers, sealants, plastics etc).

d. Removing greasy, oily or soot-like substances can be done using flavour free fuel hydrocarbon products, which are also suitable for removing remainders of stickers, silicone rubber or adhesive tape etc. It is important that these remainders are removed immediately.

e. Maximum soaking time of these products must not be more than one hour and at least 24 hours later the cleaning procedure may be repeated, if necessary.

f. Only neutral products with a PH-value between 6 and 8 can be used.

g. Manually remove any dirt from the surface using “non-woven nylon” white hand pad. Never use any abrasive and/or scratching (abrasive) cleaning products and/or tools. Emery cloth, sandpaper, steel wool, scotch-brite, wire brush and other similar coarse tools and materials must not be used.

h. Subsequently rinse thoroughly with tap water and use only EAD’s recommended wax in the last bit after drying to provide an extra protective layer.

i. Do not rub too forcefully in order to prevent ClarityCoat damage.

j. After cleaning, inspect ClarityCoat for defects and have these immediately repaired professionally, should there be any.

k. Stickers, grout, sealants, Scotch tape and masking tape can contain harsh chemicals and must therefore be tested before use whether they are suitable for the ClarityCoat in question. Solar effects shall only enhance these chemicals’ aggressive properties.

  1. ClarityCoat


Estimates are based on the accuracy of the specifications provided to us by you, the customer. If we discover after accepting the vehicle that modifications need to be made we will notify you immediately, at which time a decision will be made whether there will be additional costs and how you wish for us to proceed. Any verbal requests or orders by the customer will be accepted, but in the absence of supportive documentation, EA Detailer will not be responsible for verbal mistakes. EVERYTHING MUST BE IN WRITING, EA Detailer will not accept responsibility for the inaccuracies in orders telephoned in by the customer. We make every effort to quote a job accurately; but in the event of unforeseen circumstances or costs, we will notify you if there will need to be cost adjustment or if delays will result.


The customer agrees to make full payment prior to the release of the vehicle. The vehicle or products will not be released until full payment has been processed accordingly. Any invoice that is not paid at the time of delivery is considered past due and the customer is responsible for all collection fees including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs for unpaid balances at the interest rate of 18% per annum. This is not an expectation contract and we are not responsible for buyers’ remorse. By accepting the vehicle, you are accepting the job as complete and that the performance is satisfactory. You are responsible for inspecting the product and or vehicle upon receipt. Customer shall identify to EA Detailer in writing any dispute concerning an invoice within ten days of the date of the invoice. If disputes are not identified in writing within the ten-day time frame the customer has accepted the job and the invoice. Customer must contact EA Detailer of any and all work in dispute, accompanied by written explanation. After investigation, if an error is found on our behalf we will make appropriate corrections.

EA Detailer is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or articles left in vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident or any other cause beyond our control. We do not accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind related to the sale, installation or deliver of our products. It is the client’s responsibility to read our Terms & Conditions available on our website prior to contacting EA Detailer to perform any services. All quotations are valid for 30 days.


Customer or assigned agent completing the Customer Information sheet agrees that they are the responsible party for payment of services requested. Customer or assigned agent agrees to make full payment prior to vehicle release and agree to be responsible for all collection fees including attorney fees and court costs for any unpaid balances at the interest rate of 18% per annum. Any custom ordered materials for the customer’s job is required to be paid for 100% prior to the order for the film before the work will be performed and are non-refundable. Any custom ordered film for any project is paid for by the customer 100% prior to ordering the product. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS unless they are paid via certified funds and are pre-approved in writing by EA Detailer. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any returned checks, in addition to the amount due. Any request changes to the description of services stated above need to be in writing and any additional charges incurred will be charged accordingly. Customer will pay the remaining balance including any additional cost or fees upon completion of the job prior to release of the vehicle.


Vehicle must be delivered to our location clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, and free from existing ClarityCoat Film material. A cleaning charge of $75.00 per hour will be assessed for any additional cleaning or removal of existing ClarityCoat Film material. EA Detailer is not responsible for the condition of the surface the car is brought to us in. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface damage or imperfections may damage the film, cause the film to fail prematurely or the ClarityCoat Film material may not adhere to the surface at all. ClarityCoat Film will take the form of the surface underneath. Any areas that are repaired prior to ClarityCoat Film installation must be properly repaired with and be finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) paint or clear coat. Any recently applied finish must be cured for the full amount of time recommended (minimum of 30 days) by the paint manufacture before applying ClarityCoat Film material to the surface.   WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDITION OF THE VEHICLE PRIOR TO THE CLARITYCOAT FILM BEING INSTALLED OR WHAT IS UNDERNEATH THE CLARITYCOAT FILM ONCE IT IS INSTALLED


ClarityCoat Film material is a non-returnable item once the material is cut and or installed per the customer’s personal request. Any custom ordered ClarityCoat Film material for any projects is paid for by the customer 100% prior to ordering the product. If the job is cancelled or the customer does not want the product for any reason the film cost is non-refundable. All returns are at the discretion of EA Detailer. If the product is a returnable item, there is a 25% restocking fee for the return and will be deducted from the initial cost of the product upon the return if applicable. If an issue arises the customer must submit their complaint in writing and give EA Detailer the opportunity to see the issue and try and resolve the issue prior to pursuing any legal actions. Since all ClarityCoat Film installations are customized to the customers’ specifications EA Detailer must be given the opportunity to address any issues, including removal and reinstallation time (if deemed necessary by EA Detailer), before the client issues a credit card charge backs or check cancellations. ClarityCoat Film material has a cure time of at least 30-60 days at which time we do a free REQUIRED check-up to address any issues at that time. In the event the customer does not return for their 30-60 day check-up we are not responsible for the films conditions. In the event that the client does request a credit card charge back or check cancellation, the customer will be liable for all legal fees and or additional costs that were incurred to EA Detailer. If a credit card dispute is decided in the favor of EA Detailer and we suffer any losses due to the client’s actions the client is liable for all legal fees, court costs, etc. If the customer fails to make full payment on an invoice, then the customer authorizes EA Detailer to remove the ClarityCoat Film from the vehicle if installed. SINCE CLARITYCOAT FILM IS CUSTOM ORDERED AND INSTALLED TO THE CUSTOMERS SPECIFICATIONS ONCE THE CLARITYCOAT FILM IS CUT OR INSTALLED ALL CONTRACTS ARE FINAL AND NO MONETARY REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.


Estimates are good faith estimates and are based on the current information EA Detailer has at the time the estimates are given. Estimates given are good for 30 days and are subject to change


EA Detailer will complete a pre-inspection the day the car is delivered and alert the customer of any concerns prior to work being performed. We will also perform a post-inspection once the vehicle is completed prior to the release of the vehicle.

EA Detailer is not responsible for the condition of the surface the car is brought to us in. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface damage or imperfections may damage the film, cause the film to fail prematurely or they ClarityCoat Film may not adhere to the surface at all. ClarityCoat Film material will take the form of the surface underneath. Any areas that are repaired prior to ClarityCoat Film installation must be properly repaired with and be finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) paint or clear coat. Any recently applied finish must be cured for the full amount of time recommended by the paint manufacture before applying ClarityCoat Film to the surface.


We reserve the right to refuse any work or vehicle for any reason.


ClarityCoat Film is a pliable plastic material that we make every effort to make look as seamless as possible, however, there may be curves, bumps, rivets, mouldings and deep-channelled curves that will the ClarityCoat Film will not be able to conform to. There will be areas, such as door handles, mirrors, gas caps, doorframes, wheel wells, bumpers, hoods, fenders, around edges and hard corners, etc. where edges will be visible. In some cases, relief cuts need to be made or patches need to be installed to cover certain areas. Stretching film will result in some shrinkage as it attempts to return to its original form/dimensions. As it shrinks, some minor tenting and lifting does occur and will be addressed in the 30-60-day check-up if necessary. There will also be seams where the panels meet or where the clear bar is not large enough to cover certain areas. EA Detailer is not responsible for the limitations of the ClarityCoat Film.

All ClarityCoat Film material needs to be applied to “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. There must be an excellent bond of the paint and its finish to the vehicle substrate. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface imperfections may damage the film or cause the film to fail prematurely. Areas repaired with body filer must be sanded, epoxy primed and finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) paint or clear coat. Any recently applied finish must be fully cured for a minimum of 30 days prior to film being applied. Consult with your body shop for proper cure times and rules.



5.10 Installation time is based upon many factors including but not limited to, film selected, curing time, places where ClarityCoat Film is being installed, size of vehicle, complexity of installation areas and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We will make every effort to give reasonable time frames for Installation but reserve the right to change them at any time for any reason.

5.11 ClarityCoat Film material does not stick or adhere well to plastic, primer, silicone or rubber surfaces and customers are not advised to wrap such areas. If the customer requests that these areas be wrapped, we are not responsible for the material not sticking or adhering to those surfaces and the manufacture will not warranty such items being wrapped.

5.12 In most cases of ClarityCoat Film lifting, it is a material issue and it typically occurs in the first few weeks after Installation. We do require a 30-60 day check-up to see the vehicle first hand and to be able to address any issues at that time to prevent the continued peeling and to trim the pieces before they become contaminated. If you do not return within the 30-60 day required time frame to address any issues, we are not responsible for the condition of the ClarityCoat Film material. EA Detailer is not the manufacture of any films and is nothing more than the installers. Extreme temperatures can also affect the ClarityCoat Film such as extreme heat and cold as well as humidity and dust. We recommend you garage your vehicle as much as possible to prevent from these types of issues and to extend the life of your ClarityCoat Film material.


All removals for ClarityCoat Film are quoted separately and are based on a per hour basis. ClarityCoat Film removal can be very time consuming and costly and is billed as such. EA Detailer is not responsible for the condition of the paint underneath the ClarityCoat Film or for any damage that occurs when such material is removed from the vehicle. Please note, our experience shows that removal of ClarityCoat Film, from good quality original OEM paint will typically not damage the paint. However, it is the duty and responsibility of the owner or authorized representative of the vehicle to ensure the suitability of the surface before installing such materials and when they are removed. EA Detailer is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the vehicle at the owner’s request.


All materials are installed per the customer or authorized representatives request. We are not the manufacture of the product and all warranties are offered through the manufacture of the product the customer specifically ordered. For warranty information you must visit the manufacture website or brochure for specific information regarding the product(s) you ordered. EA Detailer is the installer of the product, not the manufacture. However, if there is something wrong with the product our manufactures do stand behind their products as do we, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Damage done to the ClarityCoat Film material by the customer or any third party is not a warranty issue and will not be covered as such.


We recommend HAND WASHING ONLY for the first week and thereafter if possible. Keep the car out of direct sunlight for the first 2-3 days after installation. Do not pressure wash the car for the first month. If using high-pressure sprayers after 30 days stay at least 3-4 feet away from the ClarityCoat Film at all times. We recommend when cleaning to use only ClarityCoat Film safe materials and to avoid any harsh chemicals of any kind that can deteriorate the ClarityCoat Film. Avoid using abrasive washing clothes as well as drying towels. You will see bubbles and haziness (the moisture pockets between the film and the paint) in the ClarityCoat Film for the first 30-60 days after installation (THIS IS NORMAL AND IS PART OF THE CURING PROCESS). You will see some minor peel back on the film, this is to be expected and will be address during the 30-60 day check-up. EA Detailer offers a free 30-60 day REQUIRED check up on all ClarityCoat Film installations to be sure the product has cured properly and do any trimming for peel back that may have occurred during the curing process. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE BRING A FRESHLY CLEANED CAR TO THE CHECK-UP SO WE CAN SEE AND ADDRESS ALL AREAS AT THAT TIME. We must physically see the vehicle in order to address any issues, phone conversations, emails or pictures will not suffice.


We reserve the right to correct inaccuracies, prices, omissions, descriptions, and errors relating to products, productions, availability and update information anytime without prior notice.

  1. Transfer of Ownership

6.1 In case of transfer of ownership of the product in question and at the written request of the previous holder and new owner addressed to EA Detailer, transfer of the warranty with respect to the remaining warranty period can take place, provided however, that the product’s purpose does not change. The new owner shall receive written notification, after approval by EA Detailer, of the transfer of warranty which shall only be valid with respect to the new owner by such confirmation.

6.2 You may transfer your warranty to the new owner of the vehicle upon sales. Under such circumstances you will then be required to pay a one-timed fee of SGD250 under this agreement.

  1. Damages

7.1 In the event of any damages, written notification must be filed within 5 days after ascertaining these damages, which will detail any shortcomings and any proposed repair possibilities to be executed as quickly as possible.

7.2 The owners must immediately be informed in writing to [email protected] of all types of defects which can be repaired. The date of receipt of this letter shall be the starting date of the claim.

7.3 EA Detailer or their expert shall decide on the usefulness of summoning as soon as possible all parties concerned, in order to ascertain any damages and determine all necessary repair works.

7.4 All expertise costs shall be borne by the owner.

7.5 Warranty holder shall at all times allow and enable, both during the works and thereafter, control and inspection by or on behalf of EA Detailer. Warranty holder also agrees to have those ascertained defects immediately repaired and paid for which can influence all defects subject to this warranty.

7.6 For identification of any treated material, invoice date shall determine start date of any insured material.

7.7 For any ascertained defects, all guarantors shall ensure that all repair work shall take place in compliance with following conditions:

7.7.1 Any warranty is limited to, at the most, an amount equal to the amount (excl. GST) for which the coated project, or parts of the project, respectively were accepted (excluding index/inflation) or executed (excl. 10% own risk)

7.7.2 Are excluded from any repair costs: Disassembly costs Any consequential damages in their broadest sense Warranty holder must in compliance with this warranty agreement have any repair work subject to this agreement done by the EA Detailer or their preferred partners. In case EA Detailer, cannot comply with their obligations resulting from agreement, it can be agreed with which EA Detailer’s approved sub-contractors shall execute any repair work on behalf of the warranty holder and which EA Detailer shall, on behalf of the warranty holder, supply all materials needed for these repair works.

7.8 If the warranty holder decides to have the repair works executed either not at all or in any other way, then this agreement shall become immediately and without notice or judicial intervention annulled without the warranty holder being able to derive any rights from it with respect to EA Detailer, who shall simultaneously be considered to be discharged from any obligations resulting from this warranty.

  1. Entire Agreement

8.1 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and will supersede all proposals or prior agreements, written or oral and all other communications between the parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement. This agreement may not be varied other than in writing, executed by the duly authorized representative of both parties. Clients and or authorized representative acknowledge that they have read and understand the terms and conditions and agree to accept these prices, fees, charges, conditions, and specifications listed herein and authorize EA Detailer to perform all work as specified.

8.2 Customer understands that we are not the manufacture of the products and that we do not guarantee the quality of the products provided to us by the manufacture.

8.3 Customer or assigned agent agrees not to do harm to EA Detailer by way of slander, via in-person, over the phone, in writing (published words), or by instructing other to do so as well. Any published statements made by a customer or its assigned agent must be approved by EA Detailer prior to publication.

8.4 In the event of any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the information described in these Terms & Conditions all parties agree to resolution by Mediation/Binding Arbitration. The Mediation/Binding Arbitration will be administered in Singapore pursuant to comprehensive mediation and arbitration rules and procedures. If customer or assigned agent takes legal action against EA Detailer for any of the information contained in this agreement the customer or assigned agent agrees to bear all legal fees and court costs.

8.5 The validity and enforceability of this agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws in the Republic of Singapore applicable to agreements entered in to and services performed in Singapore. If we must retain attorneys for any reason, we will be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, administrative fees and interest at the maximum rate permitted by law.

  1. Applicable law

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.