EXOGARD Windscreen Protector

Introducing EXOGard®
Windscreen Protection Film

a sophisticated, high-performance shield engineered to fortify your vehicle’s glass against the ravages of impact and abrasion. Crafted from robust PET and infused with cutting-edge hard coat technology, this film stands as a bulwark of durability and protection.

UV Protection
and Warranty

Boasting exceptional hydrophobic and self-healing qualities; alongside a stellar 99% UV rejection rate, EXOGard® not only safeguards the glass but also ensures the utmost protection for passengers from the sun’s harmful rays.

With a warranty that covers manufacturing defects including UV degradation, bubbling, and cracking, EXOGard® promises seamless application and enduring clarity. Designed to thrive across diverse conditions, it enhances your vehicle’s resilience through superior chemical and mechanical resistance, maintaining its integrity and safeguarding your journey.

Enhanced resilience in the toughest conditions.

EXOGard Windscreen Protection Film is crafted with state-of-the-art polymer technology, establishing a windscreen protection film that excels in facing the elements.

Unyielding in quality and performance.

EXOGard Windscreen Protection Film remains invisible to the naked eye, ensuring that your vehicle’s aesthetics remain unaltered while providing superior protection.

Designed for durability on the journey ahead.

Featuring our industry-leading hardcoat technology, EXOGard Windscreen Protection Film resists the most severe scratches and outperforms other films in chemical and UV resistance. It also boasts hydrophobic properties and self-heals minor scratches, maintaining its pristine condition against the trials of the road.

Specifications EXOGard Windscreen Protection Film
Total Thickness 0.147mm (147µ)
Visible Light Transmittance 99.1%
IR Reduction 5%
UV Rejection 99%
Peel Strength ASTM D3330 (+/- 100) 1000gf/inch
Haze (without R/F) >1
Surface Contact Angle 105°

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