EA Detailer heralds a symphony of surface perfection

in concert with Glasurit and Sagola, luminaries of automotive finish and spray painting prowess. This alliance beckons a renaissance of restoration—from the precise art of panel sculpting to the brushstrokes of spray paint, to the bespoke craft of vehicular revival.

Total Color Change

Indulge in the art of absolute transformation with our Total Color Change service—a sophisticated journey into vehicular reinvention.

At EA Detailer, the canvas of your car is reimagined with a sumptuous spectrum of colors, meticulously selected and applied with masterful precision. After a generous investment in our services, the original shade of your automobile will become a distant memory, an irony not lost on those with an appreciation for sublime metamorphosis.

Our avant-garde approach ensures that not a trace of the former hue lingers, as we cloak your vehicle in a new identity, so impeccable, so thorough, that its past is nothing but a whisper.

Exterior Original Respray

Experience the zenith of auto aesthetic refinement with our Exterior Original Respray service.

At EA Detailer, we sculpt the essence of your vehicle’s facade, renewing its vigor with a flawless application of its inaugural color. Utilizing advanced color-matching technology and a curated selection of high-end paints from only Glasurit, our meticulous process ensures a seamless return to your car’s pristine, factory-quality finish.

Perfect for the purist at heart, our respray service is a homage to your vehicle’s original glory, inviting onlookers to a vision of automotive perfection.

Inside-Out Original

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of vehicular rejuvenation with our Inside-Out Original Respray service.

At EA Detailer, we delve into the very soul of your automobile, lavishing attention on every curve and corner. This comprehensive respray extends beyond the exterior, encompassing the door jambs and the intricate inner channels of your vehicle.

Precision-driven color-matching technology ensures a uniform return to its authentic shade, celebrating the car’s inherent design. It’s a meticulous homage not just to the original aesthetic but to the spirit of the automobile itself, crafted for those who demand an all-encompassing restoration of classic beauty.


Our SMART [Small, Medium Area Repair Technology] service—a bespoke remedy for localized imperfections.

At EA Detailer, we understand that sometimes, only a specific chapter of your vehicle’s story requires finessing. Our targeted approach is precise, economical, and seamless, blending artistry with innovation to address any minor blemishes or damages.

With an eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, our skilled technicians employ color-matching mastery and top-tier materials to ensure that repairs are indistinguishable from the original finish. Opt for a swift return to elegance with our spot repair, and keep your car’s narrative as flawless as its performance.

Glasurit® resounds as the epitome of global excellence, its name synonymous with the pinnacle of productivity and quality, championed by elite repair ateliers and their discerning clientele. The hallmark of choice, Glasurit’s repertoire is fortified by the VisionPlus Warranty Program, promising an enduring luster on your automobile’s façade.

Sagola™, with its genesis in 1955, has relentlessly pursued the upper echelons of quality in its creations, ascending to prominence in the arenas of bodywork and industry.

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Our meticulous methods undergo the scrutiny of Glasurit and Sagola, steadfast to their esteemed protocols.
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