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Paint Protection Coating

What exactly is Paint Protection Coating?

In 2004, SONAX first proposed the terms – “Paint Protection”.

Paint Protection is composed of a compact structure, stable performance of the polymer molecules, forming a smooth, transparent and durable hard protective layer, which can isolate the air and the car paint surface.

Like a layer of stealth armour for the paint, it provides a reliable paint sealing technology, it is efficient and durable; this protective layer prevents the environment impact affecting the paint.

The protective layer form a layer of a strong polymer network, filling the pores on the car paint. Filling up the porous nature of the painted surface will deliver a flat surface and achieving mirror effect.

Many car groomers in order to increase their sales spread inaccurate views and remarks, resulting many owners wasting a lot of time and costs. Not only did it not achieved their desired results, the vehicle also suffered unnecessary damages.

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