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One of the first things that drivers would want to have upon collecting their new purchase would be a provision of long last protection for their paintwork against environmental factors.

In EA Detailer, we have been staying ahead of the game. In technical partnership with Sonax Gmbh, Labocosmetica, Xpel and Glasurit, we are ahead of the technological curve and possess the knowledge in latest development of paintwork.

Every car deserve different level of protection; proportionate to the value and level of protection you required, we will have one that will work for you.

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Each option is catered even to the most fastidious owners and each recommendation are made only upon listening to what you want. From paint protection film to self-healing coating to ceramic coating and upcoming graphene coating, each serve a different purpose and has different functions.

Many detailers in order to increase their sales spread inaccurate views and remarks; for us we believe in the first principles and get to the bottom of the components and the science behind completed with an artisanal finish.

Even the Royals in our region sent their vehicles to us.


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