Exterior Detailing

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  • $439.00$639.00
    EA Detailer 2-Stage Exterior, a transformative service designed to significantly rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance. This meticulously crafted process begins with a 1-stage enhancement polish aimed at eradicating the majority of swirls and scratches. The initial stage focuses on cutting through imperfections, while the subsequent refining stage eliminates any residual marks…
  • $439.00$639.00
    3-Stage Exterior is the pinnacle of paint correction that EA Detailer offer. The vehicle will undergo as many correctional stages as safely possible to achieve an as near perfect, defect free finish. This is then followed by a refining process to generate high levels of gloss and clarity. This service…
  • $259.00$459.00
    Our PPF / Coating Conservation Program is catered as a maintenance program for vehicles that have been treated and gone through a paint protection system service. The purpose is due to dirt and dust particles will accumulate and settle onto the exterior body painted surface which may gradually affect the…