Interior Sanitization

5 Products

  • 2-Stage-Interior-Cover
    Our 2-Stage Interior Anti-Pest covers a detailing cleaning process for your vehicle interior. After getting rid of the pest intruders such as cockroaches in your vehicle, your vehicle cabin is still filled with germs and bacteria. That is why, we do not stop at just vacuuming away the cockroaches and…
  • 3-Stage-Interior-Cover
    Perfect for families with history of asthma and allergens. As one of our levels for car interior sanitization services, our 3-stage Interior make use of patented High-Efficiency particulate air filter to trap nearly 100% of typical cabin dirt and achieves significant better hygiene quality. The technology we used is certified…
  • 4-Stage-Interior-Cover
    Our 4 Stage Steam Purification covers another level of thorough cleaning service for your vehicle interior. It helps in total restoration and full interior detailing. Using propriety steaming technology, we break down the grime and dirt in the cabin that is built up over the years. This process softens and…
  • 5-Stage-Interior-Cover
    Our 5-stage interior is the gold standard for interior cabin cleaning and sanitization service. The 2nd most comprehensive car interior sanitization treatment you can choose within our service menu. A total of 14 steps to achieve the pinnacle of cabin sanitisation where no effort is spared to return your cabin…
  • Erstotizer-Interior-Coating-Cover
    The ERSTOTIZER has been tested to be active against: The TGEV-Coronavirus - model for SARS-CoV and Influenza A. This Disinfecting Coating can prevent cross contamination on high tough points in the various activity areas protecting the children from cross contamination infections. To help maintain virus-free, clean and ensure ultimate safety…