Paint Protection Coating

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  • $2,699.00$3,499.00
    FEYNLAB® SELF HealPLUS, is the pinnacle of our product range, embodying the ultimate in Self-Healing technology and representing a monumental leap in coating technology. It's a testament to our nanotechnological superiority, potentially the most significant advancement since the inception of automotive paint. FEYNLAB® SELF HEAL PLUS, our premier offering, ensures…
  • $2,499.00$3,299.00
    #BLINDO, Labocosmetica's revolutionary coating concept that redefines surface protection. This ultra-fine, transparent layer not only enhances hydrophobic properties but also stands as a bastion against climatic adversities and road wear. Its core innovation lies in a complex resin featuring a siloxane core within a polyhedral 3D cage structure, ensuring superior…
  • $2,099.00$2,899.00
    Labocosmetica #STC Ceramic Coating, a groundbreaking two-step permanent nano-coating system engineered for unparalleled protection and brilliance. This innovative coating crafts a three-dimensional gloss, deepening the shine and enriching the paint's color. Notably resistant to chemicals, salt, and UV rays, which can cause corrosion and permanent stains, #STC also boasts antistatic…