6 Facts About Car Paint Protection

Felix Lin

Getting your new car can be a magical experience; however most of us feels the erosion of motivation to maintain as vehicle ages. The early response to “Yeah, I wanna to keep it shining and swee-swee” becomes a chores. Many drivers hence take up paint protection / glass coating in the belief that a layer of initial protection will last you forever. But then again, nothing lasts forever except – DeBeers Diamond. 

Here a few facts you need to know. These simple facts will save you time, money and your paintwork in the long term. 

Fact 1: Not all paint protection products are the same. 

There are may paint protection products out there varying in price, and of course quality. However, price alone should not be the deciding factor when buying a product to improve your car’s appearance. What you want to achieve, should be the deciding factor. A product that protects from bird droppings, UV Rays, acid rain, road salt, bug residue is obviously worth a few dollars more to you, then one that just gives a temporary shine. Furthermore, different products offer different degrees of lasting shine. A product that offers a long shine, and requires less maintenance, will also be worth a few dollars more to you, we are sure. 

Most protectants on the market today, offer only some or limited amount of protection from the above mentioned elements and most do not offer lasting shine without reapplication. *(more than 6 months) 

Fact 2: Prevention is better than cure, but it is not too late for older cars. 

Like most things, prevention is better than cure. A good paint protection system should protect your car long-term. However, if you haven’t protected your car from day one – a good system should be able to improve you car considerably, with a notable difference and also continue to further protect you car the from the day you have applied the paint protection product. 

Fact 3: Car Waxing is so yesteryear. They have been around as long as Henry Ford invented the T-Model. 

Car wax can be great to offer great instant shine, but there are a few drawbacks the average consumer may not be aware of. Firstly, car wax is called car wax, because it is simply, and predominantly made of “wax” – there is no disputing that. Everybody knows that wax also melts with heat. Car wax used on our cars is no different. Excess heat on paintwork that has been waxed, results in the wax softening, therefore loosing shine and more prone to entrapping contaminants. Waxing is great for show cars, but show cars rarely sit in the hot sun all day, day after day. 

Wax, by its very natural state, does not adhere well to the car (in fact there is little that can adhere well to wax). Have you ever tried to stick anything to waxy surface? Similarly wax will eventually wash off your car – leaving you with little protection. 

Fact 4: A simple bird dropping can damage your paintwork. 

Singaporean birds are well-known for taking cars as their private lavatory. You car is being damaged now, and probably don’t even realise it. Many people know that UV rays can damage cars paintwork – but this can take years. More immediate danger are bird droppings – which can damage paint work within a few days. Bird droppings come from the digestive system of birds, and without going into too much biological detail, droppings can contain high levels of acid – acid of course damages paintwork. 

Fact 5: There good reasons why prestigious car dealers use a certain products.

Paint Protection from car detailers is relatively expensive. Why? 

Simply because adds true value to the buyer (and to the vehicle) – and we aren’t talking about just a better shine. A good paint protection application gives an incredible glass shine and maintains the value of your new car. These are the reasons why people are simply prepared to pay an average of a $1000 for good paint protection. It also means less waxing and easier cleaning of your car when it gets dirty. Saving time and superior paint protection means more savings in the long run. 

Fact 6: A car’s paintwork and appearance will assist in maintaining its value and resale value. 

A well-maintained car, with mirror finish paint, will undoubtedly increase its resale value. You will also save time and money now. A good paint protection on you can means you will save time washing your car, as dirt and grime should wash away easily….. and of course no waxing is required, to maintain its appearance. 

How much should you pay? 

To a certain extent – you get what you pay for. 

One simply cannot have a product that one simply wipes on within 30 minutes and is expected to protect the paint effectively. Paint Protection is a professional application and surfaces to be protected have to be prepared, hence the reason for attention to detail and know how, correct use of tools and products. 

EA Detailer use only the most superior product. Our Paint Protection electromagnetically blends with the paint molecules and becomes part of the paint – unlike other products which simply lie on top. It is a silicate ion which has a negative charge and the properties of liquid glass, and is exclusively formulated to prepare, polish, seal and protect the paint finishes. Our Paint Protection repels water,and therefore repels grime and contaminants.

We have 2 kinds of Paint Protection Coating – EAD Diamond Foundation Coating & EAD Titanium Coating; both boasting excellent quality and durability. Both coatings are- scientifically back-up and certified by TUV Gmbh- ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Reg No. 12-100-23160/03 TMS- ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Reg No. 12-104-23160/01 TMS- Approved by Mercedes Benz AG- Approved by BMW Group- Approved by GM GmbH 

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