Is Car Paint Protection Coating Necessary?

Felix Lin

Alright, you got your new car. It is in lime green (Hey, you are a free spirit); or maybe you wanna to exhibit your passion for life (Fiery Red). Then now, you wonder should you go to those guys that do car paint protection? You have just been out of pocket for a new car, you are reluctant to spend more money. The devil and angel in you start tearing you apart.

Yet, let’s us tell you like most things, prevention is better than cure.

A good paint protection system should protect your car long-term. However, if you haven’t protected your car from day one – a good system should be able to improve you car considerably, with a notable difference and also continue to further protect you car the from the day you have applied the paint protection product.

Paint protection from car detailers are expensive. Why?

Simply because adds true value to the buyer (and to the vehicle) – and we aren’t talking about just a better shine. A good paint protection application gives an incredible glass shine and maintains the value of your new car. These are the reasons why people are simply prepared to pay an average of a $1000 for good paint protection. It also means less waxing and easier cleaning of your car when it gets dirty. Saving time and superior paint protection means more savings in the long run.

But does that means that all you have to do is to coat the car once and you can leave it in the hands of God to make it eternally shiny?


The importance of taking proper care of the car, i.e. washing and detailing is cannot be stressed enough; using reputable detailers is imperative. The golden rule of thumb will be to treat your car paintwork like you would your skin. If it’s good for your skin, it’s good for the car and if it won’t hurt your skin, it won’t damage your car paintwork.

In short, you get what you pay for and choosing the correct place to wash your car should be based on the amount of time spent cleaning your car properly and safely.

One simply cannot have a product that one simply wipes on within 30 minutes and is expected to protect the paint effectively. Paint Protection is a professional application and surfaces to be protected have to be prepared. DIY Kits of the same products professional dealers and detailers use begin at $160. The dealers’ price is around $1000 (for exactly the same product). More than 80% of protectants on the market today are of a limited basic Compound/core ingredient, be it wax, teflon, polymer or silicone and is just Rebadged, repacked or marketed differently.

The most superior product known through trial and testing, are products with Glass Plexin. Glassplexin has the properties of glass. It electromagnetically blends with the paint molecules and becomes part of the paint – unlike other products which simply lie on top. It is a silicate ion which has a negative charge and the properties of liquid glass, and is exclusively formulated to prepare, polish, seal and protect the paint finishes. Glass plexin repels water,and therefore repels grime and contaminants.

EA Detailer is the official partner of Sonax and uses their full range of products. Sonax GbmH is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Car Care Chemicals. They are fervently endorsed officially by all German MarquesWe do not only uses their products, we adopt Sonax Detailing Process too – all delivery are qualified upon a 55 points Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Don’t wait, protect your car today!

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