The Truth between Car Grooming and Car Detailing

Felix Lin

Mentioning car detailing will most probably makes people respond – “Orh, car grooming lah!’ The truth is there is a fine thin line between car grooming and car detailing which set the world apart. 

Google Paul Dalton, Gideon King, we have Danny Chang who is nearer to home up North. These people are the masters in car detailing. The whole process start off with ionised water which is even cleaner than our distilled water. Their rate ranges from USD800 for a simple job to USD30,000 – yup, you didn’t see that wrongly. It is USD30,000 a 5-figures service charge. 

In EA Detailer, we aim to deliver a similar standard to you at a much more affordable value – just think about it this way = You are flying Business class at a economy class price.

Is Car Grooming not the same as Car Detailing?

The point of this blog post is to help some people who aren’t aware of what some of the differences are from a professional point-of-view but also to explain my point of view, which in no doubt is different to many other people in the industry.

Car Grooming is the process of cleaning, polishing and waxing an auto-mobile in order to achieve an as-new look and enhance the resale value. This usually includes cleaning the wheels & shuts, washing, polishing and waxing the bodywork, dressing exterior plastics and tyres, polishing brightwork and polishing the glass.The cleaning process should also include the use of a clay bar to remove unwanted contaminants from the paint such as iron filings, industrial fallout, tar spots and tree sap, which all cause the paint to feel rough and dull the appearance of the paint.

The exterior process includes a variety of chemicals, tools and accessories in order to reach awkward areas, clean off as much soiling as possible and leave the car looking as near to the condition the day it left the showroom as possible.
The interior would be vacuumed in all areas including, dash, centre console, seats, carpets, luggage areas and vents before a variety of chemicals and tools are used to wet clean any soiled areas such as upholstery, trim, carpets and headlinings.

So, what does ‘Car Detailing’ offer?

As you can see, car grooming offers a very extensive method of cleaning for your car and ensures you are left with a car with a higher re-sale value, pleasure to drive and a joy to look at.So what more can you do? This is where things start to blur.

The main difference is the paint rectification/correction process in order to get the paint looking its best i.e. free from swirl marks, scratches and other blemishes ruining the appearance. These are removed through the use of a machine polisher, usually a fixed rotary polisher but sometimes a Dual Action polisher is used on delicate paint or for the refining stage. This is combined with a selection of abrasive polishes and pads designed to remove defects, polish the surface and leave a flawless hologram and swirl-free finish.

Car detailing is about cleaning every surface possible on the car, including the removal of certain parts such as wheels, in order to get access to otherwise unreachable areas such as suspension, arch liners and brake components, certain metalwork and access to cleaning the wheels inner rim.

And, what is the confusion about?

In reality, its like anything, there will always be cheaper & inferior quality offerings in all walks of life, and due to car grooming being a popular service these days, there will of course be some people happy to offer a low-quality cheaper alternative.

Final Thoughts

Many people have come to relate car grooming and car detailing to mean the same services, when in reality simply due to the bad press of low-quality car detailing services available these days, they are still the same thing and just different terms used by different companies.

Some groomers also coined detailing as certain processes, such as snow foam, intricate parts cleaned, inner rim of wheel cleaned, using a clay bar etc. All these are to the confusion to the consumers.

Car Detailing – it’s about the attention to detail that differs the two services as opposed to a simple name change, and simply changing the name between the two isn’t and shouldn’t be enough.

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