How Dangerous are Bugs, Germs and Bacteria in Your Car Cabin Interior?

Felix Lin
“How much time do you spend at home? How often do you clean your house?”

“Errrr…. around 8-10 hours? Everyday lah! Of course”

“Mmmmm, ok. Then how much time do you reckon you spend in your car daily? And how often do you clean your car?”

“Agar agar 2 hours lor. During Chinese New year lah”

And we start scratching our head…… Did somewhere in the dark abyss of the universe, the transition from the house to the car part that the equation of coherence is terraformed?

Dr. Chuck Gerba, a University of Arizona microbiologist who’s been studying germ hot spots for years, “cars are the moldiest of all forms of transportation…because people aren’t really cleaning or disinfecting these areas.” Let us bring you through a journey into the 5 dark secrets that your cabin is hiding from you

Vinyl and Leather Surfaces
Queen Mary University in London conducted a recent study and revealed the presence of 700 different bacterial strains. Pathogens identified such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter or MRSA. And the most surprising was the mould found on the child safety seat. The cars with children’s and pet’s passengers are usually dirtier and logically have higher bacteria counts which puts children and pets at a greater health risk.

Cloth Upholstery
Spills on the cloth seats are difficult to control because of the movement of the vehicle when the spill occurs. Maintaining a steady supply of towels for quick cleanup will reduce the amount of foreign matter that collects in the cloth. Dust mites feed on these substances. People who suffer from allergies will experience discomfort when riding in a vehicle where dust mites have found a healthy food source.

And PLEASE – change your floor mat yearly; they are supposed to be perishables, they are not suppose to last you through the first COE. They are fertile sprawling land for dust, germs and imagine all kind of sh*t we are stepping on and rubbing our shoes against the mat. 

A visit to the car wash might address the condition of the exterior window glass. Most people do not spend enough time shining up the inside surface of the glass. Touching the glass happens constantly without the car occupants realizing the habit of touching the glass. Germs and bacteria are left behind with each unintentional touch. Reducing the number of germs inside the car starts with clean surfaces on the most reachable portion of each door.

Air Condition System
Every time you turn on the fan, you and your passengers are breathing the air that gets into the passenger cabin through the ventilation system. This air carries over many “unwanted passengers” like germs and mould spores, road dust, vehicle emissions, pollutants and greenhouse gases. Climate control air blowers in the older cars are causing higher levels of germs contamination which could have connection with poorly-functioning air cabin filters.

Especially after CNY car pooling; you can be sure that some part of your car now has pineapple tarts crust or bak kwa chips. EAD offers 34 detailed steps for cleaning the interior of any vehicle. We have 4 levels of sanitisation for you to choose from – “it doesn’t matter how dirty your vehicle is, it is how clean you wanna it to be!”

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