What is the contents of your pesticide bomb?

Felix Lin

Ever since, we started Anti-Pest BioFumigation services; a lot of our industry peers start following suit. And in EAD, we got a lot of drivers asking – is the solution you are using safe for my kids? We will elaborate the type of chemical presently use in the market for your reference.

There are many roach control products sold, including bait, gel, granule, and aerosol spray formulations. When using these chemical products, take precautions to minimize human, pet, and environmental exposure. The information below will help you understand the risks associated with the active ingredients in these products.

According to our competitive analysis, we concluded that most of our industry peers uses an insecticide by the name of “ICE-PRO Fumigator”; the active ingredients of ICE PRO Fumigator are Pyrethroids.

Pyrethroid pesticides are applied as perimeter barrier sprays; they are found to be in high toxicity to the small invertebrates that serve as an essential part of the food web for fish and other aquatic animals.

In response to this environmental impact, in August 2012, the US EPA required manufacturers to revise the Directions for Use on labels for pyrethroid pesticide products to reduce ecological exposures through runoff and drift.

When safety is concerned, EAD places absolute priority. The solution we used is proprietary to us and 100% organic. We have our material safety data sheet in our showroom which you can refer to anytime. Our interior sanitisation solutions are also Singapore General Hospital Certified.

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