EAD x Sze Kang Collaboration in Your Car Makeover

Felix Lin

“You can’t have the conversation of automotive restoration without an impeccable paintwork; completed with top notch detailing.”

EAD’s collaboration with Sze Kang is a partnership which is a comprehensive. exhaustive voyage, catering major auto stylistic faucet that comprises of the auto industry. 

Sze Kang Spray Painting is a 25 years old auto restorative business. It continued his tradition of high quality, excellent work. The name Sze Kang stands for a car painter that, by applying art of engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship, turns vehicles into cars in a class of their own. In terms of craftsmanship and technology. Sze Kang always sets standards – no matter if it has to do with supercars or the costly restoration of vintage cares. Customers of the Sze Kang receive perfection down to the last detail, also extraordinary wishes are fulfilled and exceeded.

EA Detailer has long develop services that allow all-round care of modern cars: gently and as perfect as possible making the cars look as good as new – no matter if they are used only on the weekend or as a daily work-horse. Rooting the beliefs of provision for amazing customer experience, EAD has grown from strength to strength and is serving more than 2,500 drivers after 2 years of operation. We will be welcoming our 4th outlet by July 2017 in Autobacs Bukit Batok. 

We are both absolutely delighted to have been able to officially seal this partnership. Sze Kang is convinced of the high quality and performance of EA Detailer that we use in maintaining customers’ cars. The intensive collaboration will also open up new possibilities for both parties to be able to react to customers in a more targeted manner.


Click here to find out the special promotion collaboration between EA Detailer and Sze Kang Automobile Spraying Services.

Alternatively, to arrange for an evaluation assessment session with us, you can contact EA Detailer directly at 6917 8396 or WhatsApp us at https://www.eadetailer.com/speak2us