What is the Difference between Car Waxing, Car Sealant and Paint Protection Coating?

Felix Lin

The time have come gaining clarity into what are wax, sealant and paint protection coating. Many of the drivers was offered a peek in the kaleidoscope of the world of detailing; and most exit confused and having a twisted idea. These are different finishes after the machine compounding to offer the final layer of protection.


Car waxes are liquids or pastes that feature a specific ratio of naturally-occurring carnauba wax as the main ingredient. They usually offer a wetter, glossier shine and are usually easier to apply than paint sealants due to their greater oil content. The tradeoff is less protection longevity. Car waxes usually provide protection for 1-3 months.


Paint sealants are liquids that contain manmade polymers, resins, and synthetics to mimic the properties of carnauba- based car waxes, but with greater longevity of protection. Many paint sealants offer easy application processes. Many brands label their paint sealants as “polishes,” but don’t be fooled. They are excellent paint sealants that offer an extremely tight molecular barrier to a paint surface, but they are not paint polishes. Auto detailing experts will tell you that most paint sealants do not offer the depth of shine that carnauba-based car waxes can provide.

Paint Protection Coating

These coatings are also made out of manmade materials, but they do not look like, or apply like, car waxes or paint sealants. Instead, they are often times of a much thinner viscosity (think: water), but they are designed to last 2-5x longer than any other type of paint protection product on the market today. Many popular paint coatings include EAD Titanium Coating and EAD  Diamond Foundation Coating. These are stand-alone products that only car detailer were able to get, and that alone would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. These coatings have become easier to apply, longer lasting, and glossier than every before, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of what some would call a “second clearcoat.” With car paint coatings, you will get maximum durability for the longest lasting paint protection you can buy for your car.

No matter which “last step product” you are considering for your automobile, make sure you bring it to us to properly prepare the paint for maximum bonding between your protective layer and the paint itself. Our intense paint protection process helps to remove those pesky spots in your paint, as well as other forms of dirt in the clearcoat, restoring a smooth as glass paint finish so that the protection you want has the chance to adhere to the clearcoat or paint on your vehicle, and not dirt.

EA detailer uses certified coatings like EAD Diamond Foundation Coating and EAD Titanium Glass Coating on your car. To find out more information on how we can assist further or to make an appointment with us:

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