Next powered by EA Detailer | Everything you want to know about Paint Protection Coating (Part 2)

Everything you want to know about Paint Protection Coating (Part 2)

Next powered by EA Detailer | Everything you want to know about Paint Protection Coating (Part 2) Felix Lin

Paint Protection Coating = No More Car Washes?

After Paint Protection Coating, regular car washes are still recommended. As Car owners of your own car, the moment if there is any bird poo or tree sap that lands on your Car Exterior, it is highly recommended to remove through the following steps:

  1. Put 4-5 pieces of tissue over the spot of bird poo or tree saps
  2. Pour water over the tissues spots
  3. Set and wait for 5 to 10mins so that the bird poo or tree saps will soften
  4. Wipe off with baby wipes, otherwise, tissue (note: tissue has still certain level of abrasiveness, which may cause fine line scratch on the paintwork)

So just regular car wash and be more conscious in removing bird poo or tree saps off my car sufficient to maintain my car?

Not exactly true. It is also still recommended to send back to your Car Detailer for maintenance sessions due to Singapore weather and rain deterioration to the protective coating layer.

What happens after your car is being protected with Paint Protection Coating?

Over a period of time, there will be dirt and dust particles will accumulate and settle onto the exterior paintwork which may gradually affect the Coating key properties.

For some car owners, they are constantly conscious about the Coating condition, it will be good to send in for a check at least once every 3 to 6 months under the Coating Conservation Program service.

Other than dirt and dust particles accumulating and stacking on the exterior paintwork, there is also possibility of bird poos, tree sap, scratches and swirl marks accumulating too.

What can be done will be when car owners send in for a 3-Stage Exterior Glow maintenance service, within the service, there will be a machine polish paint correction process to treat on the bird poo stains, tree saps, scratches and watermarks that accumulated on the exterior paintwork; after which due to weather and that we work on the coating layer, the coating layer gets thinner, we will top up coating from there again to seal back again.

To retain your vehicle at showroom condition, 3-Stage Exterior Glow is recommended to be done at least once every 8 to 12 months.

Depending on individual car owners, there is different requirements and concerns as the main driver, which base on the following few factors:

  1. where your car is usually parked
  2. where your car usually goes to
  3. how do you wish to maintain your vehicle

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