Why Opt for Professional Car Detailing Services?

Felix Lin

Year-end. Holidays are coming. It is time to clean up your bedrooms, houses and cars. But when it comes to car detailing, it is known that people are less attentive at times to the details. It is common and known that one of the most basic mistakes that people make is to casually wipe a hand or towel across the dry car. If you want to remove the contaminants properly, water and cloths are not enough to get the job done.

Instead of experimenting with your beloved car, why not opt for professional services?

Some common mistakes

Despite whichever part of our little island you are in, finding a legitimate auto-detailing service provider is of no inconvenience. However, sponges are used and cars mostly suffer when a sponge is used incorrectly to wash cars. A microfiber towel is also not at all gentle with paint. Although detailing is necessary for your vehicle, you should know the proper way of carrying it out. No matter if you are doing it or choosing a service provider, being educated on what is the correct way to detail your car will surely prove helpful at some point of time.

Know the proper cleaning order

Wheels, Body, Interior, Glass –that is the order. Wheels, in fact, demand most of the attention in this process. The nooks and crannies of the rims are hard to reach, and if unattended, the dirt might just embed itself onto the rims.

Car Body Paintwork

The paint is not at all simple. A method of cleaning is from the top down. All the contaminants are usually stuck at the bottom of the car, so in that manner, there won’t be any dirt or sand that will be trapped in the clay bar and it will not scratch the pristine part of the car paint. For our car care, EA Detailer uses quality products from Sonax such as the High Gloss Shampoo, Rim Cleaner+ Acid Free and the Brilliant Shine Detailer to name a few.

Interior Detailing Services

Here the following parts are covered:

  1. Bio Fumigating to rid the car of pest
  2. Vacuuming the carpets and interior of the car
  3. Cleaning the dashboard, sanitizing the car with Magna Viral-Rid
  4. Taking care of the leather, plastic or vinyl parts
  5. Being extremely careful while cleaning
  6. Ozonic Treatment to the car for fresh and crisp air.
  7. Steam Cleaning the upholstery for dust mites termination and using a “Tornado Gun” to remove dirt, dust and clean up to 80% of stains.

The windscreen, glasses and mirrors should be cleaned last, as they are easy to reach. Furthermore, smudges might be left behind if you clean them before taking care of the interior.

In EA Detailer, we provide not only a service for your car care, but also a tailored service to the owners.

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