Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating

Felix Lin

Amidst the array of multiple coatings flooding the market, the choice of selection becomes a journey into the abyss of trial and error. Especially when everyone is boasting that their product quality is superior than the rest.

It seems inevitably that the harder the coating; the better it is. But hey, doesn’t hardness also equate to brittleness?

Conventional formulations that build extremely hard and inflexible networks are not suitable to offer optimal paint protection. In practice, such layers hard as glass have proved to be breakable, as thermal influences and impacting particles can quickly cause cracks and brittleness.

“Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating” was especially designed for use in professional vehicle valeting to protect new or professionally restored paintwork surfaces for a long period.

Sonax R&D team developed an especially advanced long-term paintwork protection. It flexibly adapts to the paintwork surface and lets dirt particles simply bounce off – “The force of flexibility”. Additionally, less dirt particles are more easily washed off – that is what Sonax calls “easy-to-clean effect”.

Sonax CC36 is a dense network of modified siliceous nanoparticles that develop a particularly resistant protective layer – just as a protecting “second skin” that acts as a flexible shield against climatic and environmental influences. The nanoparticles reactively couple with the paint structure and the surface becomes highly consolidated in covalent bonding.

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