EAD gets Technical Upgrade from Sonax Master Trainer

Felix Lin

EAD gets technical upgrade from Sonax Master Trainer

With the launching of Sonax Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating drawing near, EA Detailer gathered his team of 10 auto-artisans on 12 May 2017 for a technical up-grade. The lesson was conducted in our 4,000 sq ft Dunearn Boutique with Certified Sonax Master Trainer – Mr. Davin Neo.

Detailing is the process of thorough cleansing and decontamination of a vehicle followed by paint enhancement by machine polishing, making it ready to receive the wax and finishing dressings that will bring the vehicle to show quality. The focus is on quality of finish and attention to the tiny details, producing a better-than-showroom shine that other methods are unable to achieve.

In order to get that better-than-showroom shine, Davin covers the process from start to finish, imparting the understanding how paints and lacquers are applied and assessing and recognizing different paint types right through to machine polishing itself, and how it can remove light scratches, swirls, bird dropping etching and tree sap marks amongst other imperfections to reveal the true luster of the paint.

Depending on the color of the paint and density of clear coat the candidate will be shown the correct machine, pad and polish combination together with the correct techniques needed to enhance any car. Our auto artisans gain vital hands-on experience of both rotary and dual-action machines, and the benefits and limitations of both.

The great thing about learning is that it is never ending. EA Detailer is always evolving and adapting to overcome new challenges in our personal as well as professional lives. We provide our auto-artisan hands on, one-to-one instruction to ensure that they deliver the quality.

To be the best was never a destination for EA Detailer, it is a journey. And we embrace the trials that come along with tenacity. We invite you to experience what we have to offer in our 4 centers today.