Introduction to EAD Paint Protection Coating

Felix Lin

Introduction to EAD Paint Protection Coating

Once a vehicle exits the manufacturing plant, the paintwork is subjected to harsh conditions. Through regular usage, it will endure scratches from flying debris and other environmental factors.

Tree sap, acidic rain and bird droppings eats away the exterior paintwork through chemical reactions. To remove such surface contaminants, the vehicle should be cleaned regularly, but frequent maintenance will also cause the paint coat to get thinner and eventually corrode.

To retain the original paint finish, many vehicle owners are looking for the most reliable sealing products. There are many to choose from, which can be quite confusing.

These substances eventually evaporate and can be removed easily with a wet cloth. They are prone against external environmental damage. Also, the chemicals from these products may be risk-factors for discoloration, can corrode the painted finish, or even cause water marks.

Other factors that make paint coat thinner and corrode each time are washing, cutting, polishing, weather, UV solar rays, and other things. Therefore, its original color is not long-lasting. Due all the various elements, a weather worn and damaged paint surface will devalue the vehicle and affect its beauty. Getting a new paint job then becomes a necessity under these conditions.

This is the reason that many vehicle owners try to find Paint Protection Coating in protecting their vehicle paintwork and condition. Till 16 Jan 2017, EA Detailer have served 2,556 drivers to get their cars coated; we have two types of Paint Protection Coating

– EAD Diamond Coating

– EAD Titanium Coating

Nothing is more satisfying to a car buff than a brilliant, slick shine on his vehicle and you’ll only achieve that with a professional quality with EA Detailer.

The choice is yours.

Benefits of EAD PPS:


EAD Paint Protection Coating have longer durability. It offer a higher cost savings as compared to wax and sealant products which you need to apply them more frequently


EAD Paint Protection Coating provide longer protection to your vehicle paintwork as compared to wax and sealant products which are oil base and will easily wear off.

Key properties

EAD Paint Protection Coating has important key properties that provides UV Protection, Anti Scratch Resistance, Anti Corrosion Resistance as well as self-cleaning properties.

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