Why are there Cockroaches in my Car?

Felix Lin


Do you get the terrorising feeling or rather disgusting experience when you spot a cockroach in your vehicle? Well, most of us do.

Most of us do not frequently hear about cockroaches living in vehicles, so the natural thought that goes into one’s mind will be that “Nah, there’s no cockroaches in my vehicle. I don’t even eat in it!”

But when a cockroach is spotted especially when driving along a road or even the expressway, our thoughts changes.

Let’s stop and think – Where are cars commonly parked?

Right, our vehicles will be parked near or under trees, beside drains, rubbish chutes, manholes and sewages. These are hot spots that cockroaches and bugs are usually lurking around due to the dark, humid and cooling environment. We definitely would not know when they decide to hop onto your car.

Other than eating in the vehicle, food takeaways and irregular cleaning plays a part as well; not to forget there might be possible food remains in our shoe soles which we may stepped on before getting into our vehicle again.

Can cockroaches be get rid of from our vehicles? Are more of them living in our vehicles? What is next to be done?

Now, some of us might spot a cockroach in our vehicle and decides what’s needed is just to do some cleaning.

Do you know cockroaches can burrow into small places that you might never notice even while cleaning? They’ll reproduce under your seat, in the car frame, in the speakers and other small, dark and cramped places. There are still areas in a vehicle interior cabin that we can’t even reach. Moreover, in a clean car, these cockroaches and bugs will not vacate and disappear on their own, regardless the weather is hot or cold outside. What they are looking for is a shelter, and they can go a long time without eating anything.

You need to do more than interior detailing your vehicle cabin to get these cockroaches out; however, searching for missing bread crumbs or biscuit crumbs is what can be done by any one of us.

Once your vehicle is cleaned up, you can also consider to buy cockroach bait.

Place them under the car seats and in the corners of the trunk. This will give cockroaches the possible food and water they need, but with the poison that may kill them eventually.

While it’s possibly still early before the infestation starts, it is usually recommended to send for a professional service to purge, clean and sanitize your vehicle to find out how bad the infestation possibly is.

Don’t let cockroaches take over our vehicles!

Spotting one cockroach is the first sign of a cockroach infestation.

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