Top 5 Tips to increase the Resale Value of your Car

Felix Lin

Trying to trade in your car for a brand-new model? There are 2 main things that one must consider, the price of the car that you’re planning to purchase, and making sure that the car you’re selling is in pristine condition to attract prospective buyers.

As Singapore’s best auto detailer, EA Detailer has some tips & tricks from our resident experts on how to keep your car in optimal condition to increase the vehicle’s resale value.

1. Do a Thorough Cleaning of your Car Interior Cabin

Take a plastic bag and place every personal belonging from your car’s interior into it. Inspect all spaces and crevices, especially beneath the rugs, in between your door shuts, under the seats, in your cup holders. A stiff brush will come in handy for removing dirt from smaller nooks and crannies. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make use of a portable vacuum cleaner to remove build up from your vehicle’s seat and floor.

2. Wash all Car Interior Upholstery

Now that you have removed most visible dirt particles. What’s next? If you want to be as pedantic as our specialists in EA Detailer, carry out a steam bath. This will remove hard to remove stains and grease marks on seats and give the impression that the car is newer.

3. Make all the Windows / Glass Shine

Apply a non-streaking glass cleaner to ensure that your car’s windows are free from dirt and stains. EA Detailer also strongly recommends you to clean the interior of the car windows, which is a spot that is usually riddled with hand prints and grime. We strongly recommend using a microfiber cloth and Sonax’s glass polish professional for this.

4. Get rid of any Odours in the Car Cabin

Vehicles that smell fresh and clean are likely to attract more buyers. To get the ball rolling, we recommend using an air freshener or anti-bacterial spray to get rid of any unpleasant smells. If the problem still persists, EA Detailer recommends going for a one time interior session which consists of an anti-bacterial wipe down and utilizing an ozone generator to eradicate any mold/fungi that are in inaccessible areas such as your air condition vents.

5. Wash and Wax your Vehicle

EA Detailer recommends going for a professional hand wash that utilizes a non-abrasive sponge instead of a machine car wash. In addition to using a good quality car shampoo, we also recommend waxing your car after you’re done washing it. This will make the car look shiny and also prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface.

Cleaning your car entails taking care of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

This will certainly enhance its resale value and if you desire to experience the best car detailing experience possible, do make a booking with us.

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