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What do Cockroaches Eat / Survive on?

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Cockroaches are known to be the terrors in the night.

You might get into your vehicle one car in the middle of the night; when the lights of the interior cabin lights up, you can find scrambling black things scrambling around the area. Just the sight of this, it imposes a creepy feeling factor. Cockroaches do pose a threat in that they can carry microbes, germs and bacterias that may cause allergic reactions in humans, at times, some weird offensive odour. They find food in your vehicle, it’s feeding them well and they love it.

Cockroaches have been known to have the ability to live up to 3 months without food and a couple of weeks without water. They are also resilient enough to survive very cold environments. Of course, prevention is preferable to killing cockroaches when it comes to these tough and persistent bugs.


These bugs are not picky. They feed on almost anything they can get their legs on, but they are very much attracted to

  • Sweets
  • Human food takeaways
  • Meat
  • Starches
  • Decaying Matter
  • and even bodies of other insects

A few tips and tricks to minimise cockroaches’ appearance.

Keep your vehicle cabin clean and spotless. Wipe and dust your interior cabin as much as possible. It helps to minimise possible particles that cockroaches feed on (invisible to the human naked eye) .

Vacuum more than you already do. Food crumbs and surprising amounts of decaying matter can collect on the floor surfaces. Vacuum can help to minimise such tasty things as a food source to the cockroaches.

Take out the trash often. Do not leave any possible food trash in your cabin. Throw out sweet wrappers, don’t leave breath mints containers lying around; if you do, ensure that they are tightly sealed as the fragnant smell of mints may also serve as an attraction.

Keep cockroaches a safe distance away can also make your vehicle interior a bit cleaner; which is also easy to develop cleaning habits that will help keep these unfortunate insects from wandering in and hanging around.

Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing Services. While there is so much of what we, as the car owners can do, send your vehicle for a professional cleaning and saniziting service as part of a routine basis of upkeeping and maintaining. A good frequency will be at least 2 to 3 times within a year.

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