5 Reasons Why Choose Ceramic Coating

Felix Lin

As the leading Auto Detailer in Singapore, EA Detailer started an exclusive partnership with Sonax to offer the world’s most powerful ceramic coating. Top 5 reasons why Ceramic Paint Protection Coating is a must have for the discerning automobile enthusiasts who want their cars feeling like it never left the showroom .

5 Benefits of Ceramic paint coating for cars

1. Best Car Paint Protection

Our ceramic coating provides a resilient, flexible protective surface to the car’s body, shielding against all forms of foreign matter which might compromise the integrity of the paintwork. On the daily commute, a car will be subjected to attacks to its body, from debris, UV damage and foreign contaminants. Having a ceramic coating ensures that the paintwork of the car is sealed in a protective layer that prolong the longevity of the car’s paintwork.

2. Durability of Ceramic Coating

With our state of the art equipment and superior technique, we ensure that the coating will be bonded tightly to the car and will not be affected by most external forces. This is in sharp contrast to more traditional vehicle coatings such as wax, which wears off when exposed to environmental elements and foreign contaminants

3. Hydrophobic Effect and Resistance to Dirt

No one car is perfectly smooth, polishing and applying a coat to any one car is a science. The more uneven or perforated a surface is, the easier it is for dirt to find pockets and pits to cling on to. After polishing and claying of the surface, we apply a layer of ceramic coating which works at a molecular level to ensure that that dirt that stick to the surface of the car can be easily removed. Most surface contaminants and dirt will skid off, leaving the car in showroom condition for longer periods of time.

4. Elimination of Constant Re-application

Unlike traditional methods of getting your car “coated”, a single application of Ceramic coating and proper care and maintaining, Ceramic Coating will withstand a long duration of time and EA Detailer is proud to claim that our ceramic coating has a 10-year warranty that it will not spoil your paintwork

5. Time and Cost – Effective

Through this article, EA Detailer will give you the best paint protection at a special price. That’s savings in terms of money and time.

What are you waiting for? For the aspiring car enthusiast or the busy family man who wants the best hassle-free protection for our beloved vehicles. Make an appointment with EA Detailer now.