3 Real Horror Stories that make you wonder what else lives in your car

Felix Lin

Through out the 2 years of our operation, we have some pretty bizarre encounters. Many of our clients come for interior sanitisation; and amongst the many, we have a few that shocked us. To protect the privacy of our clients, we replaced the names of individuals but all events are based on real life happenings. 

Where is the other half of the cockroach?! 

Mdm Chan is a mother of 3 kids, a son and a pair of twin daughters. They are aged 3 and 5 respectively. She returned home one of the evening and heard her youngest son non-stop crying and keep scratching his right ear.

In her own words, she told us – “The kids have different variants of cries; and her son’s howling is a cry of distress. It is not motivated by hunger or the need to change his diaper”

She brought him to KK Hospital immediately and upon diagnosis, the doctor retrieved half a cockroach from her son’s ear.

The next half – we found it under the baby seat….

The Ant colony in the BMW

Anne and May suspected that there is an ant nest residing in their newly registered BMW 320i. They showed us around their vehicle, and we saw a populous stream of black ants crawling. The ants were moving in a single file along every edges of the vehicle. If you are myrmecophobic, you are likely to lose your sanity. Even seasoned veteran like Felix Lin mentioned his after thoughts – “Seeing the ant makes my skin crawl”

We have to dismantle almost every compartments; the door panels, the center consoles, the seats, the whole set of front dashboard. And finally – we found a clump of Ants residing in the glove compartment area. The ant nest is hiding within the dashboard section.

Imagine seeing a squishy ball of crawling ants……. living with you…………

The Rat in the Toyota

This event has been the most talked about during our coffee break; and the most spine-shivering. We have a family friend who used to drive a Toyota Vanguard; he came to us one of this days after his Malaysian road trip and told us that he suspected that was a rat or mouse living in his car.

We were thinking “W**….. this sound impossible”

Seriously none of us have an immunity against the rodent; the fear of discovering a rat in a car is surmounting. It took 8 brave souls inching their way around the vehicle and finally found the rodent scurrying in the engine compartment………… if you think a rat can’t climb, you might want to have one to test it out.

After hair jerking moments and a lot of “man-screams”; we used boiling water to send the bugger to heaven. You might find us unsympathetic to the poor soul but none of us could be sane when you discover the most unexpected resident in an automobile.

Cockroach fumigation is too common; we are sure that our names are on the “kill bill” list of the colony. We have been solving more than roaches infestation.

Call us now at 6917 8396 or WhatsApp to https://www.eadetailer.com/speak2us if you think you might have a infestation of cockroach terriorising in your car cabin interior.