What do bird droppings do to your car?

Felix Lin

We have all been there. You just wash your car, leave it parked outside under a tree for some shade, and bam! Bird droppings on your shiny ride. Ever wonder what these droppings can do to your car? We are sure you know but let us get into the dirty details. Sorry if we gross you out.

What are Bird Droppings?

Bird droppings are veritable cocktail of harmful ingredients. Birds do not have a separated digestive system for liquids and solids so all waste is stored in what is called a cloaca. When it is full, birds simply let go of the bomb. This is detrimental to your car.

Bird dropping contains uric acid which immediately starts to damage your car’s paint. Uric acid is a corrosive. It can eat through almost anything given enough time.

The other factor that has a REALLY big effect is heat. Or more accurately heating and cooling. When a bird dropping land on your car and then warms – in sunlight, for instance –  your paint softens and expands. At the same time, the heat dries and hardens any bird droppings on the surface. But as the paint lacquer cools again, such as overnight, it contracts, hardens and moulds itself around the texture of the bird dropping. This causes etching and deformation of your paint finish.

So what can you do?

The biggest enemy of your cars paint job is time. When bird droppings land on your car they IMMEDIATELY begin to degrade your cars finish. Follow these simple steps to help avoid lasting etching and blemishes:

  1. Check your car every day if you park outside
  2. Spot the bird droppings early
  3. Panic
  4. Grab some tissue and water bottle or even better a certified car cleaner and polishing cloth
  5. Place the tissue over the bird droppings
  6. Pour water over the tissue to soak with the bird droppings in order to soften it
  7. Wipe that dropping off carefully
  8. Don’t forget to wash your hands

The best defence is a good offence. A protective coat can lengthen the amount of time before bird droppings begin to affect your car. 

EA detailer uses certified coatings like EAD Diamond Foundational Coating and EAD Titanium Glass Coating on your car. To find out more information on how we can assist further or to make an appointment with us:

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