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What is a clear coat? Clear coat is simply a layer of clear resin that is applied over colored resin. Almost 95 percent of all vehicles manufactured today have a clear coat finish. Here, we’ll have a cross sectional diagram to explain the different layers.

3 locations, 1 fleet of mobile detailing centersYou are the center of our universe. You are our only consideration and everything we do we make sure you are the ultimate beneficiary. EA Detailer is bringing our amazing experience and beliefs to the local market. 

EA Detailer @ Caltex 130 Dunearn Road Singapore 309436

EA Detailer @ Caltex 130 Dunearn Road Singapore 309436 EA Detailer Bukit Timah will boast the first Positive Air Pressure Paint Protection Room in Singapore. Operating with 2,000 square feet, our Bukit Timah Boutique can deliver up to 40 vehicles per day. It will be ready by Jan ‘17. 

EA Detailer @ 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250

EA Detailer @ 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250 EA Detailer Siglap will be under going the knife in Feb ‘17; we will be upgrading the facilities and infrastructure in our origin boutique. We will continue to serve all of you until the last day of Chinese New Year. Be prepared for a brand new look and an elevated experience. 

EAD Express @ Caltex 265 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437052

EAD Express @ Caltex 265 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437052 EAD Express is the first of many premium car wash centers we are working with Caltex. It echoes our beliefs and offer a escalated experience which no other competitors offer. Opening to public in Dec ‘16, our Tanjong Katong neighbours can get their shine while enjoying their foods along the famous Katong Stretch. 

EAD-GO – 2 taps away to make your car shine!

EAD-GO – 2 taps away to make your car shine! EAD-GO caters to drivers whom desire to reinvent their journey but lack the time. Log onto our app and make your booking seamlessly. Our mobile centre will show up at your doorstep and get the job done. All mobile centres are fully equipped with loads of gadgets; think that mobile groomers are haphazard and low-class? EAD-GO is remapping the game. We will be launching by Jan ‘17. Everything we do, you come to our mind first. The most powerful thing Human Beings ever possess is the power of choice. Each driver has a different prerogative towards their ride. EA Detailer wishes to be in the segments where no matter what you desire, we offer the best value in return.Because #youmatter2ead

Contrary to popular belief, car detailing is required periodically, even if a car has been painted with clear coat, in order to keep it in a pristine condition. It is easy to spot the difference between cars that has been detailed regularly against one that isn’t although both have a clear coat finish.

After introducing a layer of car coat on your car, it not only makes it look shinier and more glamorous, it also creates a wetter and deeper color on the car. However, there are other functional advantages that are of greater importance. One major advantage is that this coat provides protection from the sun and ultraviolet ray that causes the car paint to fade. Therefore, your car paint appears new and bright for a longer period of time. In addition, shallow surface defects and spotting caused by acid rain can be buffed out without damaging the paint.

Maintenance of Clear Coat

Clear coat finishes are harder and more resistant to oxidation. However, our auto artisans are very careful not to use abrasive rubbing or polishing compounds on them.

Since the clear coat has no color, it can’t fade or lose brightness, but depending on the environment to which the car is exposed, the clear coat can become dull. This fading occurs slowly and you might not notice any change on a day-to-day basis.

Surface contaminants such as acid rain, rain dust, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, bug splatter and industrial fallout can cause clear coat finishes to look faded. This is because as these contaminants accumulate on the surface of the car, the reflective quality of the finish gets reduced. Which in turn causes the gloss to diminish and the paint to look dull. You can prevent this by removing the fresh contaminants and by washing your car periodically with a premium car wash solution.

You can also eliminate built up contaminants by waxing your car and restore your car’s smooth-as-glass surface. At EA Detailer, we ensure that quality products such as Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer, Glass Polish Professional and our latest product, Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating are used on the car and your car’s outlook will be looking new.

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