Sonax – The Most Misunderstood Brand in Singapore

Felix Lin

Mention Sonax and you have no problem relating to all drivers in Singapore. But if you mentioned you are a top-notch auto detailer using Sonax products; you might be returned with a look of contempt. In EA Detailer, we get this a lot and we want to overturn and justify the reasons why we chose Sonax as our technical partner. Sonax not only carries a wide extensive range of consumer friendly products, they also manufactures some of the finest professional detailing products use by the very best in this industry. We firmly believe they bring the most value to you – our valued clients. 

The Bigger the Better

Many of you would consider Sonax an extremely consumer based car care Brand; what is relatively unknown about Sonax is that they are one of the largest Car Care Manufacturer on Earth. We attached a google map for you to take a look at the size of their influence. Sonax is based in Neuburg an der Donau, Bavaria, Germany (Yup, we are talking about the famous BMW origins). Sonax is located right in the center of the town, they are basically the economic engine of this region.

Do a research on the rest of their competitors and you will realise most of them no longer have an R&D department, they sub-contract their products elsewhere and market their own label. How could a car care product manufacturer with no proprietary R&D division be abreast of the technological advances? Sonax not only develops and manufactures their own products in their premise, they ensure that consumers get the very best technology in car care when their products are used.

The Capital to Hao-lian

Some sharp-eyed drivers would notice the resemblance of the bottles that Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi Showroom with Sonax. The german marques endorsed Sonax to the extent by appointing Sonax as their official car care product by white labelling.

In addition, Sonax is one of the most awarded car care company on Earth:

1. TUV SUD Certified for Development, production and sales of vehicle care and cleaning products (ISO 9001:2008)
2. Voted by the reader of the Motorpresse Stuttgart as Best Brand for 14th time in a row since 2003
3. Winner of Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung (Testing Organisation for vehicle inspection)
4. Approved by Mercedes Benz
5. Permit and recommendation letter by BRABUS for SONAX polishing and car products
6. Approved by BMW Group
7. Permit for SONAX polishing and care products for GM and Opel
8. Direct From Supplier Program Agreement with Hyundai and Kia Motors

If you wish to witness the evidence of all these accolades, we have it in all our boutiques.

Nothing beats safety

As Singaporean, we know nothing beats safety and stability. And this is exactly why we choose Sonax too. Every of Sonax Products come with individual safety data sheet; they are created to make sure that the following tests are passed:

Temperature change tests (stability tests)
Over 4 weeks, the product will be stored for 12 hour periods at -20°C, 4°C, at room temperature, 35°C and 50°C, and then for 12 hours at room temperature. After each week the pH value and viscosity will be verified.

Tension crack test an all kinds of plastics
The product will be applied onto the very sensitive polycarbonate and then stored for 48 hours at 80°C under a 1% limit strain, afterwards an assessment will be made on the formation of tension cracks.

ph Value control test
The pH values will be measured with the product undiluted and in a 1% solution with water.

Flash point test
The flash point will be measured.

Refractive index test
The refractive index will be measured.

Rubber & plastic stability test
The rubber and plastic materials relevant to the product will be immersed in the product and stored for one week, the weight gain will be measured afterwards.

Paint compatibility test
The product will be applied onto sensitive refinish paint and stored for 48 hours at 80°C. There must be no visible surface swelling.


These are few reasons why EA Detailer chose Sonax as our Technical Partner; we are Singapore Best Auto Detailer, aspiring to be the best in the region. And you can only be served with the best products; nothing that comes in second will be provided to you. We are extremely confident that Sonax will be the best partner to bring the excellence required to make your experience an Amazing one.

EA Detailer is awarded the exclusive rights to Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36; we will be the only car detailer in Singapore to carry the official exclusivity. Any other detailers promoting are just parallel importing without support of the local distributor.

The World’s Most Powerful Car Paint Protection ever existed!