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Why is Sanitization Important During Covid-19?

Next powered by EA Detailer | Why is Sanitization Important During Covid-19? Felix Lin

Earlier in 2020, Singapore has formed a new multi-agency task force has been formed to raise the standards of cleanliness and public hygiene in Singapore as a whole nation.

The SG Clean Taskforce aims to ensure the cleanliness of public spaces, encourage good personal hygiene and adjust social norms to reduce the spread of diseases. 5 personal hygiene habits have been emphasised on the new normal daily basis to bring the cleanliness and public hygiene to the next level to stop the spread of Covid-19 disease.

  1. Use Tissue Paper Whenever Sneezing or Coughing and Dispose of it Properly
  2. Use Serving Spoons When Having Group Meals
  3. Eat on Trays
  4. Keep Public Toilets Clean and Dry
  5. Wash Hands with Soup Regular and Take Temperature Daily

Let’s take a step further.

Environmental contamination is an important factor in the transmission of the virus, according to the latest research. But the virus is also easily removed by disinfection, underscoring the importance of cleaning high-touch public areas.

What we hear about coronavirus prevention so far has to do with good personal hygiene, such as frequent and proper handwashing. But what about our transportation options; especially for car owners and their family? It’s a new normal knowledge to know the importance in disinfecting car interior and keep it virus-free.

At EA Detailer, we have different levels of Car Interior Sanitization Treatments. Due to the recent worldwide pandemic situation, we have redesigned, upgraded and improved the sanitization process for car cabin interiors.

What’s more exciting is that, we also have introduced a new service “Erstotizer Self Disinfecting Coating” to ease the worries of car owners and their family. It is a longer-term Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus Clear Surface Coating – lasting to 24 months.

Protect yourself and your passengers through good car sanitation practices today! – whether you drive for personal or ride-sharing purposes.

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